Why There Are No Asians In The Bible
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Chung Wu, Ph. D. M. D.
2017-08-11 01:18:53 UTC
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Asians - The Devil's Squinty-Eyed Servants
A Comprehensive Guide to Asian People

Types of Asians: Chinks (China), Nips (Japan), Gooks (Vietnam)


Things Asians do: Asians are the human equivalent of sheep and
are prone to similar behaviors. Below is a list of things that
many Asians are known to do.

Steal jobs and places in universities from white people- Look
around any average US university and what will you notice? The
places are all overrun with Asians. Asian people only try hard
in middle and high school and get better grades than white
people because they want to steal college placement positions
that rightfully belong to white kids. Asian people have taken
over America's institutions of higher learning and as a result
are getting better jobs and making more money than white
people. Even the Asians that didn't do well in school are
stealing jobs from Americans that didn't do well in school by
setting up sweat shops. Americans are losing their jobs to 12
year old Chinese kids that are willing to do the same job for a
lot less money.

Poisoning Americans- Asians enjoy making hazardous toys, dog
food and tooth paste that kills Americans.

Street Racing- Asians enjoy modifying inferior Asian-made cars
and racing them illegally on the streets. Millions of people
are killed every year in America as a result of this hobby.

Chinese Restaurants- Chinese Restaurants are the greatest
pyramid scheme in the history of mankind. The kitchens in these
restaurants are often overrun with cockroaches and rats that
get into the food. While Asian people themselves do not
actually eat Chinese food, they are more than happy to poison
and overcharge "whitey" for Chinese food. They get away with it
mostly because of the self-esteem-boosting fortune cookies.

Owning Laundromats- Most Asians own Laundromats because they
enjoy smelling people's dirty underwear and masturbating on
their clothes.


Asians are all atheists: The vast majority of Asians are
atheists and worship Satan. While there are many "religions" in
Asia, few promote the existence of a God, salvation or an
afterlife of any kind. 59% of the Chinese population is
Atheist. Christians are forbidden from bringing Bibles and
spreading the word of Christ in most Asian countries. Because
they are atheists and do not subscribe to any moral code,
nothing is preventing Asian countries from at some time in the
future having a higher murder rate than Christian nations like
America or Liberia. ------

All Asian nations are or were Communist: Every Asian nation is
or was at one point was Communist.


Asians have perverted names: Asian people like to choose names
like "Wang" and "Dong" as a perverted joke. Nothing gets a
little Korean guy's 2" penis harder than hearing a "stupid
American" call him Wang during a business meeting. Many Asians
also wear bowl haircuts so their heads will look like
circumcised penises.


Asians are all cheap like Jews: Never go out to lunch with
Asian people: they will never pick up the bill.


Comprehensive list of things Asians have invented: Asians have
been responsible for inventing many things throughout the
years; none of which have been of any use to normal people in
the real world. Asians are incapable of creating anything that
isn't sexually perverse or ultra-violent.

Hentai- Asians are so depraved they cannot have normal
monogamous relationships; instead preferring to draw out their
perverse sexual fantasies in the form of comic books. Typical
hentai involves pedophilia, rape, bestiality, incest,
transexualism, and tentacle rape (in which a tentacled monster
rapes children): all disgusting acts to normal people that are
endorsed and celebrated as normal in Asian countries.

Creepy Robots- All Asian people are robosexuals and are only
sexually attracted to robots. Unable to connect emotionally
with a person of the opposite sex (or even the same sex for
that matter) and afraid of being made fun of for their
freakishly small penises, Asians build robots that look like
humans that will do things with them sexually that most humans
wouldn't even be willing to do for money.

Karate- Karate is a form of performance art that Asians enjoy
playing. Karate involves putting on pajamas and rainbow-colored
belts and pretending like you're in an action movie fight
sequence. Karate is the the gay version of the manly and
American Mixed Martial Arts, made popular by Chuck Norris.

Video Games- Asians invented video games in order to corrupt
the moral fiber of the world. Most video games allow the person
playing it to do things like murder and rape without
repercussion. Some say that video games allow people to act out
their fantasies so they won't do them in real life, but in
reality these are just training simulators so that the person
playing it will be ready for when the time comes to actually
rape or murder.

Rice Rockets- Rice Rockets are homosexual Asian motorcycles.
The rider of the rice rocket must press their entire genital
region on the seat of the bike as they ride. The vibrations
from the engine and the road stimulate the rider's sex organs
until they become filled with lust and debauchery.


List of Asian "accomplishments": Asians are known for being
lazy and stupid. The entire continent of Asia has achieved very
little during recorded human history, here is a substantial
list of every major thing Asians have accomplished.

The Great Wall of China- Some unimpressive wall out in the
middle of no where. Who cares?

Getting blown up by America- Many Asian countries are only
famous because America blew them up. Asia is like the Monica
Lewinsky of Continents: only famous because someone more
powerful and influential blew a load all over them.

Massacres- Asians are despicable and vile "people" that are
predisposed to shocking violence and it is not surprising that
many of the world's greatest massacres were caused by Asians.
The Rape of Nanking stands as one of the worst massacres in the
history of mankind. Japanese terrorists attacked innocent
Americans at Pearl Harbor without provocation. The Virginia
Tech massacre, perpetrated by an Asian, stands as the worst
shooting during peacetime on American soil. ------

Famous Asian people: Despite being the world's most populated
continent, Asia is responsible for producing only a handful of
famous people, most of whom are disgusting degenerates that the
world would be better off without. Below is a list of the most
famous and influential Asian people.

Kim Jong Ill- Kim Jong Ill is a Communist dictator who has been
responsible for the deaths of millions of people. He is a
tyrant that suppresses his people: denying them freedom and
forcing them to live in abject poverty. Despite this all Asians
revere him and treat him as a God, from Japan to Bhutan.

William Hung- William Hung is an Asian retarded that became
famous for being an awful singer on American Idol that everyone
in America made fun of. In Asia, however, he is very popular
and well-respected.

Seung-Hui Cho- Cho is the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech
Massacre: the worst peace-time shooting in the history of the
United States. He was a mentally-ill atheist who killed 32
Americans on April 16th, 2007 and is noted for being addicted
to internet hentai pornography, playing video games
excessively, and being raised by a family that owned a
Laundromat. Cho is considered a hero and a celebrity in most
Asian nations.

Ang Lee- Director of the gay pornographic film Brokeback
Mountain. His film was about two gay cowboys and was meant to
undermine American national security by making us look weak to
our enemies.
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