when did the sixth mass extinction start?
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2017-07-14 20:30:03 UTC
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When did the sixth mass extinction start?
Working on biodiversity lost, I would like to have more details about
this sixth mass extinction. I read about the 5th mass extinction about
11 000 years ago in North America. I also read Ceballos et al., 2010 ;
Blaustein et al., 2011 ; Chapin et al., 2000 ; Barnosky et al., 2011
Wake et al., 2008, but I cannot find the start of this mass

* I would like to suggest the reading of the book The Sixth
Extinction. Patterns of Life and the Future of Humankind (authors:
R. Leakey and R. Lewin). The start point seems to be the Neolithic
Revolution, but wild-life extinctions occurred in pre-Neolithic human
groups (from a cultural development point of view) worldwide,
especially in islands.

* Scientists are divided when it comes to determining if the sixth
mass extinction event is actually happening. For instance some studies
divide the sixth mass extinction in 2 phases, beginning from 100,000
years ago, which answers your question if you believe that the sixth
mass extinction already occurred. (Source:
Some scientists however say that the actual beginning of the sixth
mass extinction is not yet determined. As of now, paleontologists are
only seeing evidences that the Earth is entering the sixth mass
extinction event but these are not sufficient to show that the mass
extinction is indeed happening. Most of the data gathered as evidences
are shown from populations of few species like birds and large mammals
or even fungi. Nevertheless, scientists are seeing that the sixth mass
extinction may happen in a rate that is unprecedented in speed
compared to the first 5 extinctions however this is only based on
current data. Source:


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When did the sixth mass extinction start?
Your premise is that it *did* start.