Someone Sent Hannity A Picture of Trump's Asshole And Now It's Autographed and Framed On A Wall Behind His Chair.
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Chuck Tingle
2017-07-16 01:39:06 UTC
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Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By The Handsome Russian T-Rex Who
Also Peed On His Butt And Then Blackmailed Him With The Videos Of
His Butt Getting Peed On Kindle Edition

Millionaire real estate tycoon Domald Tromp was born into wealth
and, because of this, he’s grown thirsty for something more from
life; something a little darker, a little weirder, a little more
taboo. To satiate these cravings of the forbidden, Domald has
embarked on one of his usual trips to Russian. Little does he know
that this particular vacation will change his life forever.

max headroom
2017-07-16 03:35:21 UTC
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Maybe if you write to the White House, Trump will send YOU one, too, and you can frame it also,