IPCC Models Unable To Simulate The Critical 'Wind Stress' Element
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2017-07-15 00:17:08 UTC
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Climate Models Can't Predict Squat: IPCC Models Unable To Simulate The
Critical 'Wind Stress' Element

First, a generic wind stress definition is in order.

Ocean surface roughness (i.e., turbulence) as measured by satellite
technology, is referred to as 'wind stress' in climate models. In plain-
speak, it is sea surface turbulence, obviously driven by wind speed and
direction, in addition to being impacted by atmospheric density/pressures,
sea surface temperatures, sea buoyancy and currents. Wind stress affects
the air-sea heat exchange, as well as the mixing of carbon/heat stored in
the deeper parts of oceans. Wind stress also has impacts on cloud cover,
ocean current circulations and sea ice movement/volumes.

In essence, wind stress is a powerful and critical elemental influence on
the world's climate. Thus, to forecast future climate conditions with any
sort of accuracy, it is absolutely necessary to be able to accurately
simulate wind stress.

As this latest peer reviewed scientific research reveals, all climate
"experts" and the IPCC's climate models remain unable to accurately
simulate wind stress on their massively expensive, sophisticated, complex
computer models.

(Hmmm... did we mention climate models can't predict squat yet?)
2017-07-16 22:01:19 UTC
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Post by AlleyCat
(Hmmm... did we mention climate models can't predict squat yet?)
Do you have a citation for this babble ?? Just ask AZ residents about heat.
LOL... Arizona is now the whole globe, huh? It's called GLOBAL warming for
a reason, even though the average temperature rise over the last 140 years
is a staggering 0.0071428571428571°C above that of the Little Ice Age

If no one LIVED there, no one would be saying, "SEEEEEE? Global Warming".
It's ONLY when it inconveniences anyone.

No one lives in Death Valley and for good reason. Triple digit
temperatures there, are a DAILY event in summer. It's no hotter in Arizona
than it's been a few thousand times. Record or "near" record temps are a
yearly event.

The ONLY reason "global" temps are higher, is because of pockets and
places of warmer temps. The GLOBAL temps haven't risen much at all, but
the climate screechers use figures with SIX decimal places to show that is
IS getting warmer... yeah, a few THOUSANDTHS a year. LOL

Take a look at this graph, Chicken Little... it represents the rise in
temperature in regard to and with the past.

Loading Image...

Pretty unimpressive, huh?

Rising temperatures, are NOTHING new.

Loading Image...

What EXACTLY is so different about THIS temperature rise, than all those
in th past?
2017-07-18 00:40:33 UTC
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Post by AlleyCat
Pretty unimpressive, huh?
No source for this graph, figures...

No cite, it MUST be a lie, right? LOL

You screechers are so fucking funny.

OK... I'll play along.

It surely ain't any leftists website or NASA or The NOAA. If THEY show
that the Earth's not heating up enough to incinerate human beings, they
get NO funding, so the right-leaning websites and think-tanks are the ones
who have to show the truth.

There need be NO "cite". The earth's average air temperature has "warmed"
a grand total of less than ONE degree since 1880. THAT'S common knowledge
and even NASA says so.

"Based on Hansen's temperature analysis work at the Goddard Institute for
Space Studies, the Earth's average global surface temperature has already
risen .8 degrees Celsius since 1880..." - NASA

Well, that doesn't sound catastrophic enough, so now NASA and the NOAA
have to compare ONE years average temperature to one of the "coolest" 20
year periods we had during the 20th century, 1950 to 1980.

What fucking dishonesty and disingenuousness. From 1880 to now, the
temperature average has gone up less than ONE degree and averaged out over
that period, has raised less than one one hundredth of a degree.


We're all gonna DIIIIIIIE!!!!