~1000 bergs off newfoundland ytd
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2017-07-15 12:00:02 UTC
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Almost 1,000 icebergs counted in N.L. shipping lanes so far this year

This is the 18th most severe season on record since 1900, says
International Ice Patrol

The Canadian Press
Jul 11, 2017 1:20 PM NT

While the icebergs coming to Newfoundland and Labrador's coastlines
are a beautiful tourist attraction, they're creating havoc in North
Atlantic shipping lanes.

Iceberg Alley off Newfoundland has been an especially dangerous
stretch this year with almost 1,000 icebergs counted in North Atlantic
shipping lanes since Feb.

Gabrielle McGrath, commander of the US Coast Guard's International
Ice Patrol, said Mon it's already among the top 20 most severe ice
seasons on record since 1900.

A final ranking won't be known until later this year as some bergs are
still drifting south, she explained.

"There are definitely a lot still in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and near
the entrance to the Strait of Belle Isle and then up along the
Labrador coast," she said in an interview.

The gigantic slabs of prehistoric ice break off from Greenland
glaciers then move south. They drift in whatever direction the
currents and winds take them.

[Image] As of Mon, there were about 12 icebergs reportedly drifting through
shipping lanes off eastern Newfoundland. (Doreen Dalley)

The count continues but it's so far the 18th worst ice season on
record, McGrath said.

"Considering that number goes back the whole way to 1900, even the 18th most
severe is still pretty significant when you're looking at 117 years of data."


The New York Times @nytimes 12 Jul 2017 12:30am
Scientists looked at animal populations and found that nearly a third are in
decline, a sign of mass extinction
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Andy Skuce @andyskuce 14 Jul 2017 18:17Z
Just 6% chance of a record for 2017; 64% chance of second place; 30% chance
of third.
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climatehawk1 @climatehawk1 14 Jul 2017 18:18Z
#Climate fact: The international panel on climate (IPCC) is cautious, not
alarmist, w/ its predictions. http://crwd.fr/2tmHPXW
[10 indicators of GW:]
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Zeke Hausfather @hausfath 14 Jul 2017 23:39Z
The folks at Snopes fact checked recent claims that adjustments to the data
greatly increase warming:

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2017-07-16 01:14:50 UTC
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Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
Almost 1,000 icebergs counted in N.L. shipping lanes so far this year
Bu bu bu but... GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ain't natural calving wonderful?

Been doing it since ice formed on Earth back in the Big Banglocene, right?

We're all gonna diiiiiie!

True, but not from natural climate change.