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Is Australia's current drought caused by climate change? It's complicated
Much of southern Australia is experiencing severe drought after a very
dry and warm autumn across the southern half of the continent, writes
three Australian climate change researchers in The Conversation. But
are droughts getting worse, and can they be attributed to climate
change? "Drought is a complex beast and can be measured in a variety
of ways. Some aspects of drought are linked with climate change;
others are not." ... Compared with other extreme weather types, it is
hard to make useful statements these links, the researchers
add. "There is some evidence to suggest that climate change is
exacerbating drought conditions in parts of Australia, especially in
the southwest and southeast. Much more work is needed to understand
the intricacies of the effects of climate change on different aspects
and types of drought."
-- Andrew King Anna Ukkola & Ben Henley, The Conversation

Rising Seas Could Swell Arizona's Population
John Upton, Climate Central

Ban petrol cars by 2025, says Branson
Robert Lea, The Times

Ikea Sets New Climate Goals to Tackle Unsustainable Consumption
Anna Molin, Bloomberg

IKEA to use only renewable and recycled materials by 2030
Anna Ringstrom, Reuters

Women who refuse to have babies - to save the planet!
Antonia Hoyle, Daily Mail

Britain Has Gone Nine Days Without Wind Power
Rachel Morison, Bloomberg

Tiny shrimp could influence global climate changes
John Abraham, The Guardian

A bird's eye view of New Zealand's changing glaciers
Andrew Lorrey Andrew Mackintosh & Brian Anderson, The Conversation

Australia: Move to renewables a 'good thing', Nationals' David
Littleproud says
Katharine Murphy, Guardian

BoE to intensify climate change scrutiny of insurers
Huw Jones, Reuters

Facing a hat-trick of terrible UK energy policy decisions
Neil Collins, Financial Times

Court cases will expose Big Oil's hypocrisy on climate change
Dana Drugmand, Climate Home News

How Global Warming Is Shrinking Earth's Animals
Marta Zaraska, Scientific American

Australia: Climate change-related disaster relief is increasing demand
on Defence Dept, Senate hears
Ben Deacon, ABC News Australia

All at sea: Microsoft trials renewables-powered underwater Orkney data centre
Michael Holder, BusinessGreen

CO2 Levels Break Another Record, Exceeding 411 Parts Per Million
Yale Environment 360

Australia pipped by Switzerland for debt world title
ABC News, 09 Jun 2018
Australia may be rank outsiders to make the football World Cup final, but we
are global finalists when it comes to household debt.

'Major communication breakdown' saw backpacker stuck down ravine for days
ABC News, 09 Jun 2018
A Korean backpacker's disappearance raises questions about how a 25-year-old
woman with friends and co-workers in Tully could go missing for 4 days
without anyone noticing.

Why do kindergarteners need a song about school shootings?
ABC News, 09 Jun 2018
A poem taped to the chalkboard in a US classroom and sung to the tune of
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star teaches kindergarten kids what to do during a
school shooting.

Tesla Inc
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BP plc (ADR)
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Gazprom PAO
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