maserati takes on tesla
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2018-06-11 22:23:33 UTC

Maserati Alfieri takes on Tesla with speed and style

Bloomberg News
12 June 2018

Maserati isn't even trying to hide its ambitions - it's out to get Tesla.

Its weapon of choice: the full-electric Alfieri sportscar, with a top
speed exceeding 186 miles per hour (about 300 km/h) and an
acceleration from zero to 62 mph in less than 2 seconds.

By comparison, Tesla's Model S P100D in its fastest 'Ludicrous' mode
manages that sprint in just over 2 seconds.

Other Alfieri specs include a transmission supplied by Ferrari NV, an
aluminum frame and the option of a coupe or open-top version. The
styling is vintage Maserati, with its low-slung concave grill hungry
for asphalt.

The price? Maserati didn't provide details when it presented the
latest update at parent Fiat Chrysler's strategy presentation in
Balocco, near Turin. But if you need to ask, you can't afford one, anyway.

The manufacturer did hint, however, that availability will be on the
scarce side, so place your order soon. The car will go on sale by 2022.

"It may look like we are targeting Tesla: we are," Maserati chief Tim
Kuniskis said. "We are going to accomplish this by bringing to market
something than no one in the industry can match."

The Alfieri was first shown to the public 4 years ago as a concept
car. Maserati, which is fully controlled by the Italian American
carmaker, seeks to double sales to 100,000 cars by 2022.


Hurricane Bud on track to impact Mexico and the Southwest US
WPXI Pittsburgh, 11 Jun 2018 02:09Z
Hurricane Bud, now swirling off the west coast of Mexico, is forecast
to .... Reuters reported that Kim may leave Singapore at 2 p.m. Mon,
just 5 hours after ...

Scandal-plagued Dover Financial shuts down, as ASIC investigation continues
* Financial boss collapses at royal commission after being accused of lying
* Banking royal commission grills financial planners, exposes Westpac
lending standards
ABC News, 11 Jun 2018 04:02Z
One of Australia's largest financial advice firms, scandal-plagued
Dover Financial, will shut down its business from July 8, amid an
ongoing investigation by the corporate watchdog.

Italy refuses to accept 100s of asylum seekers stranded at sea
ABC News, 11 Jun 2018 06:49Z
More than 600 asylum seekers rescued from the Mediterranean Sea are refused
permission to land, as Italy's Government makes good on promises to halt the
flow of migrants and refugees.

Biggest Electric-Vehicle Battery Maker Soars 44% on Debut
BloombergQuint, 11 Jun 2018 07:10Z
Shares of the world's biggest maker of electric-vehicle batteries
jumped on their trading debut as investors bet on rising demand for
new-energy ...

Flash Flood Watch in Effect; Rainy Mon AM Commute Expected
NBC4 Washington, 11 Jun 2018 07:29Z
Storm Team4 declared Sun a Weather Alert Day as storms were
expected to ... Storms on Sat flooded cars in Virginia and downed
a tree in Maryland, ...

Legal & General to step up activism over climate change
Legal & General, Europe's second-largest fund manager, is to step up
its shareholder activism over climate change, reports the Financial
Times. The manager will vote against the reappointment of eight
company chairs in protest over their slow progress in moving to a
greener economy, as well as selling its shareholdings in the firms,
the paper adds. Reuters also reports the news, describing Legal &
General as Britain's biggest asset manager. It says the firm has been
"among the most vocal asset managers on the topic". BBC News also has
the story. The European Commission is proposing "rigorous rules to
prevent climate change from causing catastrophic economic damage,"
according to a second Financial Times story. The proposals "will
impose extra costs on asset managers", the paper says.
-- Attracta Mooney, Financial Times

Heavy Rainfall Has Increased by Up to 70% in Parts of the US Since the
1950s, and It Will Only Get Worse, Experts Say
Downpours from storms are dumping more water across the US than ever
before, reports the Weather Channel, adding that this trend "will only
get worse in the coming years, thanks to global warming, scientists
say". It links the increase directly to "human-caused climate change",
explaining that a warmer plant increases evaporation and
precipitation, intensifying the hydrologic cycle.
-- Pam Wright, The Weather Channel

In the Trump Administration, Science Is Unwelcome. So Is Advice.
Donald Trump is the first US president since 1941 not to name a
science adviser, notes the New York Times' reporter Coral Davenport in
a lengthy feature. This is "one example of a significant change in the
Trump administration: the marginalisation of science in shaping US
policy", she says, adding: "There is no chief scientist at the State
Dept, where science is central to foreign policy matters such as
cybersecurity and global warming#Government-funded scientists said in
interviews that they were seeing signs that their work was being
suppressed#the administration's excising of science is particularly
evident at the Environmental Protection Agency#[EPA chief Scott
Pruitt's] more enduring legacy may be in diminishing the role of
academic, peer-reviewed science at the agency."
-- Coral Davenport, New York Times

UK Climate Investments buys interest in Indian solar portfolio
Reuters Staff, Reuters

Australian coal prices hit 6-year high as Asia demand spikes
Henning Gloystein and Sonali Paul, Reuters

Chinese nuclear plant developer will not seek UK state investment
Susanna Twidale, Reuters

Japan weather bureau says La Niña likely ended in spring
Reuters Staff, Reuters

Reports: India on track to overshoot 2022 green power targets
BusinessGreen staff, BusinessGreen

Next Offshore Wind in US Can Compete With Gas, Developer Says
Jim Efstathiou Jr, Bloomberg

Main customer of Arizona coal plant goes green, ignoring Interior Dept
Valerie Volvovici, Reuters

Comment: Britain's nuclear U-turn puts us in a very lonely club
Fred Pearce, The Guardian

$100m from Queensland waste levy to encourage waste to energy plant
ABC News, 11 Jun 2018 09:05Z
Treasurer Jackie Trad will use her first state budget to devote money from
Queensland's new waste levy to foster the development of waste to energy

Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - Closed: 11 Jun., 6:09 pm GMT-4
332.10 USD +14.44 (4.55%) *** up 4.6% ***

Facebook, Inc. Common Stock
NASDAQ: FB - Closed: 11 Jun., 5:51 pm GMT-4
191.54 USD +2.44 (1.29%) *** up 1.3% ***

Panasonic Corporation
TYO: 6752 - 11 Jun., 3:00 pm GMT+9
1,576 JPY +18 (1.12%) *** up 1.1% ***

Siemens AG
ETR: SIE - 11 Jun., 2:57 pm GMT+2
114.62 EUR +0.82 (0.72%) up

TYO: 7211 - 11 Jun., 3:00 pm GMT+9
877 JPY +5 (0.57%) up

Amazon.com, Inc.
NASDAQ: AMZN - Closed: 11 Jun., 5:08 pm GMT-4
1,689.12 USD +5.13 (0.30%) up

Toyota Motor Corp
TYO: 7203 - 11 Jun., 3:00 pm GMT+9
7,492 JPY +12 (0.16%) up

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class A
ETR: R6C - 11 Jun., 2:51 pm GMT+2
29.74 EUR +0.035 (0.12%) up

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
NYSE: COG - Closed: 11 Jun., 4:18 pm GMT-4
23.54 USD 0.00 (0.00%) even

NK Rosneft' PAO
MCX: ROSN - 11 Jun., 4:09 pm GMT+3
381.75 RUB -0.40 (0.10%) down

Ford Motor Company
NYSE: F - Closed: 11 Jun., 5:51 pm GMT-4
12.03 USD -0.070 (0.58%) down

Exxon Mobil Corporation
NYSE: XOM - Closed: 11 Jun., 5:07 pm GMT-4
83.10 USD -0.50 (0.60%) down

Peabody Energy Corporation
NYSE: BTU - Closed: 11 Jun., 5:03 pm GMT-4
46.55 USD -0.29 (0.62%) down

Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd
TSE: KML - 11 Jun., 4:00 pm GMT-4
16.03 CAD -0.14 (0.87%) down

Gazprom PAO
MCX: GAZP - 11 Jun., 4:09 pm GMT+3
141.81 RUB -2.27 (1.58%) *** down 1.6% ***

American Outdoor Brands Corp [Smith & Wesson]
NASDAQ: AOBC - Closed: 11 Jun., 5:03 pm GMT-4
12.52 USD -0.26 (2.03%) *** down 2% ***
JTEM is right
2018-06-12 04:04:26 UTC
Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
Maserati isn't even trying to hide its ambitions - it's out to get Tesla.
Ah! Another "Affordable" EV! Just what the
world needed...

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Bret Cahill
2018-06-12 04:12:06 UTC
Post by JTEM is right
Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
Maserati isn't even trying to hide its ambitions - it's out to get Tesla.
Ah! Another "Affordable" EV! Just what the
world needed...
Tax carbon progressively enough and you'll get all the affordable EVs you want!