At This Rate, Trump's Ignorant Slave Followers Will Be Building The Wall With Their BARE HANDS
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2018-05-10 23:44:25 UTC
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White House Admits Trump’s Infrastructure Promise Isn’t Happening
Well, across similar countries, one *usually* finds infrastructure
(specifically highway infrastructure) funded by "use tax" on fuel. In
the US, we fund this from the general pool which means income tax...
or, in our case, selling treasury notes to the Chinese. Our fuel tax
is (I think) $0.375/gallon, which is really nothing. If we got
serious about funding infrastructure thus, gasoline would cost around
eight bucks per gallon... or so.

Personally, I like that idea... as opposed to income tax, I mean. I
don't *like* taxes; however, we must balance our budget. Cutting
taxes and *not* cutting spending is insane.

I thought republicans favored cutting spending?


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Siri Cruise
2018-05-11 01:29:03 UTC
Post by !Jones
I thought republicans favored cutting spending?
They favour cutting taxes and then demanding someone else cut spending.
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