"It's warm somewhere else!"
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JTEM is Remarkably Flexible
2019-04-15 15:50:09 UTC
My favorite is how the reason why there's so much MORE
cold air, spread over a far larger area, is because it's so
goddamn hot...

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See? The reason why there was SO! MUCH! MORE!
cold air, spread over a far larger area was because it
was so HOT!

Because science.

Really. It's because science, and if you disagree than you're
some loudmouth who hates science & stuff. I know because
I read it on social media.

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2019-04-15 18:19:21 UTC
Post by JTEM is Remarkably Flexible
My favorite
More co2 in the atmosphere more impedance for outgoing IR, meaning the system does not cool as fast (it warms).

Humans are digging up ancient co2 sinks, using the fossil fuels for energy production, a byproduct of the combustion is co2. Our actions are overwhelming the systems ability to uptake the additional co2 from fossil combustion, increasing co2 concentrations in the lower and upper atmosphere