Climate Change Is Spawning the Growth of Right Wing Extremism
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max headroom
2019-03-10 22:43:31 UTC
Robert Muggah, who analyzes global climate and security challenges at
the Igarape Institute, a think tank in Brazil, says the diminishing
water sources are "flashpoints for violence" as communities struggle
with reduced crop yields and high levels of poverty.
"Climate shocks and stresses are pushing many into extreme poverty.
Joining an armed group is sometimes the only option available," he
Since they don't believe in science, rightists become terrorists because they
think that God has forsaken them. Just like during the Alabama tornadoes.
They believe that Trump will be their savior if he shows up and autographs a
few Bibles.
2019-03-11 13:39:23 UTC
Almost as effective as a roll of paper towels...
Trump's followers believe that science is a socialist plot designed to
undermine Trump inspired right wing ideology and young earth creationism.
2019-03-11 13:41:20 UTC
Climate change threatens a majority of
mission-critical military bases, Pentagon
report says
January 18
Trump says the military, like the CIA and FBI, always lie.

So he's taking their money and handing it to his contractors to build the
great wall of Mexico.