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2018-09-11 03:19:01 UTC
With 3 confirmed hurricanes running in the Atlantic, 2 more
suspect areas about to develop into cyclones, and a record
season over in the Pacific, it's time to review the headlines.

'Monster' hurricane roars towards US east coast
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ABC News, 11 Sep 2018
Forecasters warn the hurricane could become a monster category 5 storm as
245,000 people in Virginia are ordered to leave low-lying areas and another
state's entire coastline is evacuated.

South Carolina Mandatory Evacuation for Coast Over Hurricane Florence;
Schools Closed, Lanes Reversed
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The Epoch Times, 10 Sep 2018
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said on Sept. 10 that evacuations for
all coastal zones in the state will begin on Sept 11, before Hurricane
Florence hits.
In a tweet, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) tweeted
that "residents in all coastal evacuation zones in all counties must
evacuate beginning at noon tomorrow, Tue, Sept 11, 2018." It added that
"The SCEMD website is currently in disaster mode. This helps everyone find
vital information more easily."
It comes after McMaster said that mandatory evacuations will be carried out
in the zones, WMBF News reported at 3 p.m. on Sept. 10.
McMaster said that road lane reversals will start at 12 p.m. on Sept. 11.

Hurricane Florence now Category 4, tracks west-northwest toward US ...
WLS-TV, 10 Sep 2018 16:27Z

NWS @NWS 10 Sep 2018 14:44Z
Last day to make preparations for Hurricane #Olivia in Hawaii. The storm is
forecast to begin to affect the islands Tue night with tropical storm
force winds, heavy rainfall, and large, damaging surf.
prh.noaa.gov/hnl/pages/HLS.# pic.twitter.com/woDK5LvNas
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Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 10 Sep 2018 14:01Z
US east coast prepares for major hurricane strike in 3 days' time

Highly active Atlantic as basin reaches peak of hurricane season
WBRZ, 10 Sep 2018 12:28Z
Highly active Atlantic as basin reaches peak of hurricane season ... locally,
a super-active tropical Atlantic Basin will grab headlines this week.

Typhoons and hurricanes set to wreak havoc on multiple countries this week
9News, 10 Sep 2018 08:25Z

3 hurricanes, 1 disturbance; rapidly intensifying Florence aims at ...
WFTV Orlando, 10 Sep 2018 07:05Z
... rain, especially from a stalled tropical system, could be produce
flash floods. ... Residents along the eastern Mexican coast and TX
should monitor this ...

TX hit with deluge -- homes, cars and people swept away
7news, 09 Sep 2018 19:09Z
A foot of rain has swept in from the G Mex, triggering flooding in several
areas. At least 3 people have been killed when their cars were swept away
by the floods. [Later reports say 6]. It's the worst flooding since
Hurricane Harvey last y.

Darren Maier @weaumaier 09 Sep 2018 17:04Z
forecast satellite imagery as projected by the ECMWF model on Thu. very
menacing and powerful #HurricaneFlorence poised just offshore the Carolinas.
Has the potential to rank among some of the historical greats along the east
coast pic.twitter.com/obCHV0m#

Tropical Storm Isaac forms, one of 3 storms churning in Atlantic
CBS News, 09 Sep 2018 04:09Z
Tropical Storm Isaac formed in the Atlantic Ocean on Sat, the National
Hurricane Center said. It's one of 3 storms churning in the ...

Florence expected to become hurricane on way to US East Coast
Channel NewsAsia, 08 Sep 2018 17:52Z
Tropical Storm Florence was expected to strengthen back into a
hurricane by Sat night, as forecasters warned that the storm ...
[GFS is showing Flo will reach the US coast on Thu and hang around for
several days:
My models are not seeing any impact on the US. The SST off the coast
are way above normal -- 07sep2018 gmt +2.1C and has been warming. Off
S Florida +.31C and cooling. Neither region shows the typical ~.2-.3C
drop associated with a hurricane approaching from the E. Bermuda
looks set to get ~5" of rain ~10-14 Sep. On the US coast only the W G
Mex shows any storm twitches, and even that looks relatively minor
1-2" 13-17 Sep. All in all Florance looks set to veer off into the

Tropical Storm Florence expected to strengthen into major hurricane ...
Orlando Sentinel, 08 Sep 2018 02:54Z
Tropical Storm Florence is expected to strengthen back to a major hurricane
as it barrels toward the US east coast, forecasters said. Florence
continued to ...

Norman now a tropical storm as Hurricane Olivia continues to weaken ...
KHON2, 07 Sep 2018 21:47Z

Florence forecast to restrengthen to a major hurricane before threatening US
CNN, 07 Sep 2018 1630Z
Hurricane Florence has weakened to a tropical storm but will likely
strengthen again into a major hurricane and could threaten the US East Coast
by next week.
On Wed, Florence became the first major hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic
season, with maximum sustained winds peaking at 130 mph, making it a
Category 4 hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricanes Olivia and Norman Forecast: Storms Sitting in the Pacific ...
Brinkwire, 07 Sep 2018 07:55Z

Norman to bring hot, sticky weather as Olivia approaches the Central ...
KHON2, 07 Sep 2018 07:12Z
Honolulu (KHON2). It seems one threat has been averted, but another one
looms in the distance. Hurricane Norman has moved north as predicted, and
just ...

[Link from Ryan Maue to watch the current US-threatening hurricane:]
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[My models concur. At present Bermuda looks to receive a wallop of
5-10" of rain in ~5 days time but US E coast, Florida, Carib all look
safe. There's a twitch in the W G Mex likely related to a storm over
there in about 1 wk].

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 06 Sep 2018 12:57Z
#Olivia has reintensified into a major #hurricane. The Northeast Pacific
(to 180°) is now only 2 days shy of setting its all-time record for major
hurricane days in one year (set in 2015). 2018 has generated 22.25 major
hurricane days so far. pic.twitter.com/31G867lfAF
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Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 06 Sep 2018 07:27Z
Hurricane Florence becomes first major storm of 2018 Atlantic season

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 05 Sep 2018 17:59Z
The 2018 Northeast Pacific (to 180°) #hurricane season has already generated
21.25 major hurricane days. It is already in 2nd place for major hurricane
days generated in an entire Northeast Pacific season, trailing only 2015
(24 days). #Norman #Olivia pic.twitter.com/wLQEsgM4HB
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Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 05 Sep 2018 16:00Z
Atlantic Accumulated Cyclone Energy is currently 65% of normal to date, but
this value will be climbing considerably with #Hurricane #Florence and
potentially other storms on the horizon. Track global tropical cyclone stats
in real-time here: tropical.atmos.colostate.edu/Realtime/
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NWS @NWS 05 Sep 2018 15:54Z
Hurricane FLORENCE as of 11 AM EST, Sep 5: SS Wind Scale - Category 3 Max
Wind - 125 mph Max Pressure - 957 mb Location - 22.0N 45.7W (Atlantic Ocean)
Movement - Northwest at 13 mph hurricanes.gov pic.twitter.com/7JP94rl0Sx
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Here is the latest Louisiana news from The Associated Press at 1:40 ...
KATC Lafayette News, 05 Sep 2018 06:48Z
GULFPORT, Miss. The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm
Gordon has made landfall just west of the Alabama-Mississippi border.

Gordon makes landfall near Alabama-Mississippi border
WAFB, 05 Sep 2018 06:08Z
The National Hurricane center said Gordon struck about 10 p.m. and the
storm is forecast to quickly weaken as it moves inland across
Mississippi, Louisiana and ...

Hurricane Gordon: TORRENTIAL rain causes MAJOR FLOODING on ...
Express.co.uk, 05 Sep 2018 02:52Z
Ken Graham, director of the National Hurricane Centre, said on Tue
morning water will be the main story of the freak weather, with a ...

NWS @NWS 03 Sep 2018 14:58Z
Gordon lashing South Florida with heavy rain and gusty tropical storm force
winds. Hurricane Watches go up for parts of the Central Gulf Coast.
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National Hurricane Center @NHC_Atlantic 02 Sep 2018 21:10Z
NHC is issuing advisories on Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven located near
the Central Bahamas and northern Cuba. Tropical Storm Watches have been
issued for portions of the central Gulf Coast. Here are Key Messages for
this advisory and go to hurricanes.gov for info. pic.twitter.com/lgeoyhE8QI
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'Weather models have flipped the switch': Hurricane season coming to ...
USA TODAY, 29 Aug 2018 16:49Z
Hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico
is forecast ... with the potential for direct impact on the coastal United
States in the days ahead: ... Sept is the peak month for Atlantic
hurricanes, recording more ...

Puerto Rico Governor hikes Hurricane Maria death toll from 64 to 2,975
ABC News, 29 Aug 2018
A new, Government-commissioned study finds deaths from the Hurricane
Maria were severely undercounted, prompting Governor Ricardo Rossello
to raise Puerto Rico's official toll.

Hawaii's Hurricane Lane is already a flooding catastrophe
Eric Holthaus, Grist

Hurricane Lane: Hawaii residents flee both flood and flames as storm
threat fades
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ABC News, 26 Aug 2018 02:22Z
Strong winds have died down but officials warn torrential rains remain a big
threat to Hawaii after once-powerful Hurricane Lane was downgraded to a
tropical storm.
Though the storm has turned west, lessening the threat to the islands,
federal authorities urged caution as residents started cleaning up.

'Well, that was unexpected': Tree falls on journalist reporting on Hawaii
ABC News, 25 Aug 2018
BBC listeners were left wondering what happened when a report from Hawaii
was suddenly interrupted by a loud cracking noise followed by muffled cries
of pain.

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 24 Aug 2018 14:30Z
Heavy rains lash Hawaii as Hurricane Lane bears down on the islands.
Fortunately the storm is easing as it heads north and its eye is not
expected to make landfall.

Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus 24 Aug 2018 04:01Z
The good news: #HurricaneLane continues to track slightly west of north,
further west than forecasters thought.
The bad news: All major weather models show the hurricane swinging back east,
much closer to the islands than the official forecast shows.
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John Morales @JohnMoralesNBC6 24 Aug 2018 03:02Z
Twenty inches of rain already achieved, and I'm seeing forecasts from very
reputable sources of localized forecast accumulations of up to 50 inches of
rain from #Lane. Flash floods and mudslides the greatest threat from this
hurricane. pic.twitter.com/LFgVSfNzSs
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Hurricane Lane: Hawaii hit with floods and landslides as storm nears coast
* Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii with flooding and landslides after months
of volcanic eruptions
* Lava bomb hurtles through roof of boat, injuring tourists in Hawaii
ABC News, 24 Aug 2018 01:51Z
Schools and offices are closed in Hawaii and residents are hunkering down to
ride out the storm as Hurricane Lane spins toward the islands, causing flash
floods, landslides and heavy surf.
* Footage on social media shows major flooding
* Predictions show waves could reach 6 metres
* Two campers are reportedly trapped on northern coast, with rescue teams
blocked by floods
With the hurricane churning in the Pacific Ocean more than 300 kilometres
south-southeast of Kailua-Kona, more than 30 centimetres of rain had already
fallen on the eastern side of the Big Island, said Hawaii County Civil
Defence agency spokeswoman Kelly Wooten.
There were no immediate reports of injuries, but at least 14 roads had been
closed due to flash floods and landslides, she said.

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 23 Aug 2018
Since July 15, the Atlantic has generated only 3 Accumulated Cyclone Energy (
ACE) units - the least ACE for an Atlantic #hurricane season between
July 16 - August 23 since 2002. pic.twitter.com/TSvxjZyJeR
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Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach Aug 23
The Northeast Pacific (to 180°) #hurricane season has now generated more
Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) in August 2018 than in any other August on
record. Prior August ACE record was set in 1972. #Lane
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Estimation of the maximum annual number of North Atlantic tropical
cyclones using climate models
The record number of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 could be
the maximum possible in the present climate, a new study suggests. The
2005 hurricane season produced 28 named tropical cyclones, 15 of which
reached hurricane intensity. Using millennia-long climate model
simulations, the researchers estimated the average number of tropical
cyclones and their possible year-to-year random variability. The
results suggest that "the likelihood that the maximum number of storms
in the Atlantic could be greater than the number of events observed
during the 2005 season is less than 3.5%". -- Science Advances

Scramble for food and water as Hurricane Lane approaches Hawaii
A powerful Category 4 storm is threatening a direct hit as Hawaii's
worst storm in a quarter century, Reuters reports. Government offices
and business closed on Thu while residents stocked up on supplies
and boarded up homes as the storm churned towards the main island of
Oahu, it adds. Vox has a piece on "what we know about the storm",
noting: "Scientists will have to do careful work to model whether this
storm was made bigger and more powerful by climate change. We already
know many storms are made wetter by climate change, and the science
predicts that bigger and more powerful storms will become more
frequent in the future. And this is, indeed, an enormous storm." Grist
meanwhile asks whether the hurricane "a sign of what's to come". "In
addition to sea-level rise and coral bleaching, hurricanes are
increasingly part of Hawaii's reality," it says. A Time piece features
images captured from space showing the extent of the storm.
-- Jolyn Rosa, Reuters

Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii with flooding and landslides after months of
volcanic eruptions
[Neat view from ISS:]
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ABC News, 22 Aug 2018 23:03Z
Hawaii residents already reeling from months of explosive eruptions from the
Kilauea volcano are bracing for Hurricane Lane, which is bearing down on the
US island chain with high winds and lashing rains and the potential to
trigger flooding and landslides.

[LANE is tracking N & approaching the Hawaiian islands:]
At 500 AM HST (1500 UTC), the center of Hurricane Lane was located
near latitude 15.1 North, longitude 155.3 West. Lane is moving
toward the west-northwest near 9 mph (15 km/h) and this motion is
expected to become northwest later today, followed by a
turn to the north-northwest on Thu. On the forecast track, the
center of Lane will move very close to or over the main Hawaiian
Islands from Thu through Sat.
Maximum sustained winds are near 155 mph (250 km/h) with higher
gusts. Lane is a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson
Hurricane Wind Scale. Some weakening is forecast during the next 48
hours, but Lane is forecast to remain a dangerous hurricane as it
draws closer to the Hawaiian Islands.
Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 40 miles (65 km) from the center
and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles (220 km).
The estimated minimum central pressure is 935 mb (27.61 inches).
WIND: Tropical storm conditions are expected within the
Hurricane Warning area beginning late tonight into
early Thu morning, with hurricane conditions expected
somewhere within the warning area on Thu. Tropical storm
conditions are possible within the Hurricane Watch area beginning
Thu into Thu night, with hurricane conditions possible
late Thu night into Fri.
RAINFALL: Excessive rainfall associated with Lane is expected
to affect portions of the Hawaiian Islands from late today
into the weekend, leading to flash flooding and landslides. Lane is
expected to produce total rain accumulations of 10 to 15 inches with
isolated amounts greater than 20 inches over the Hawaiian Islands.
SURF: Large swells generated by Lane will impact the Hawaiian
Islands, beginning this morning on the Big Island, spreading
across the remainder of the island chain on today. These
swells will produce large and potentially damaging surf along
exposed west, south and east facing shorelines.

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 22 Aug 2018 13:43Z
There's a Cat 5 hurricane near Hawaii and 2 typhoons in Asia watch
@WeatherSteff at 1325GMT for the details aje.io/s23zz

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 22 Aug 2018 11:43Z
Hawaii braces for Category 5 Hurricane Lane aje.io/57s6j

Lisa Bucci @lbucci45 22 Aug 2018 10:03Z
Just landed safely in #Hawaii. Video of the the eye of Category 5
#HurricaneLane just before sunset. It's a strong and dangerous storm- make
sure to listen to your community's emergency managers and stay prepared and
safe. pic.twitter.com/xZjK9E0min
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Hurricane Lane strengthens to Category 5 as it heads for Hawaii
Jolyn Rosa, Reuters

NWS @NWS 17 Aug 2018 19:39Z
Category 2 Hurricane #Lane is expected to become a Category 3 (major
hurricane) within the next 12 hours and will likely move into the central
Pacific over the weekend. It's too soon to know if Lane will directly affect
the Hawaiian Islands. nhc.noaa.gov for the latest pic.twitter.com/d9s0tZmkFY
<Loading Image...>

NWS @NWS 16 Aug 2018 02:30Z
Tropical Storm Lane over the eastern Pacific is forecast to become a
hurricane on Thu. Lane could bring impacts to Hawaii by early next week.
In addition, a tropical disturbance could approach Guam.

'It can't get much hotter ... can it?' How heat became a national US
"Record temperatures raise wrenching questions about the future
viability of cities such as Phoenix", writes Oliver Milman, in the
latest instalment of the Guardian's 'Sweltering cities' series. "Heat
is rapidly becoming a national problem", Milman writes, "heat already
kills more Americans than floods, hurricanes or other ecological
disasters". And it's set to get worse: "Climate change is spurring
increasingly punishing heatwaves that are projected to cause tens of
thousands of deaths in major US cities in the coming decades", he
explains. In another article for the series, Philip Oldfield asks:
"What would a heat-proof city look like?" "With the frequency and
intensity of heatwaves increasing we need to urgently tackle the
excess heat we face both inside our buildings, and in our cities'
outside spaces", he writes. The piece continues: "Fortunately, there
are many ways in which we can mitigate the urban heat island effect -
while also creating more attractive places to live, work and play."
-- Oliver Milman, The Guardian

Hurricane strikes Europe as 90mph winds and TORNADOES rip ...
Daily Star, 10 Aug 2018 10:21Z
... flash floods, bringing Europe's record-breaking heatwave to a
dramatic end. ... Sea on Fri, slamming into Denmark, Norway and
Sweden in the process.

Puerto Rico says Hurricane Maria's death toll is more than 1,400 - not 64
ABC News, 10 Aug 2018
Puerto Rico is estimating that Hurricane Maria killed more than 1,400
people, a figure 20 times the official toll which remains frozen pending a
scientific review due out soon.

NWS @NWS 08 Aug 2018 20:02Z
Our hurricane centers are busy tracking #Hector #Kristy and #John in what
has become an active Pacific. @NHC_Pacific #prh.noaa.gov/cphc #hurricanes.gov
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California defies Trump, plans tighter rules on vehicle emissions
California officials plan to keep tightening state vehicle emissions
rules despite a Trump administration proposal last week that would
strip the state of the ability to set its own limits. The California
Air Resources Board (CARB) proposes maintaining strict rules mandating
rising fuel efficiency requirements annually through to 2025, while
the Trump administration has proposed freezing federal vehicle
emissions requirements at 2020 levels through to 2026. In a new
report, the CARB argues that revoking the state's authority to set its
own emissions rules would be illegal, reports the Hill. "This is
contrary to the facts and the law," it says. As a first step,
California plans to change its rules to declare that the federal
govt's current, stricter emission targets are the only ones that
comply with state law - and not any future targets that are less
strict, reports the New York Times. Carbon Pulse also has the
story. In other US news, the Guardian reports that Caribbean states
and territories have rounded on the Trump administration for
dismantling the US's response to climate change, warning that
greenhouse gas emissions must be sharply cut to avoid hurricanes and
sea level rise threatening the future of their islands.
-- David Shepardson, Reuters

NWS @NWS 06 Aug 2018 04:08Z
Dangerous Hurricane Hector, a category 4 storm with 140 mph winds is
expected to track west and pass south of the Big Island of Hawaii midweek.
Gusty winds, rough surf, coastal flooding, and rip currents can be expected.

NWS @NWS 04 Aug 2018 21:18Z
Hector remains a major Cat 3 hurricane with sustained winds at 125 mph.

NWS @NWS 03 Aug 2018 02:40Z
Replying to @MyShinyStarr
Hector is in the eastern Pacific and heading west towards the Central Pacific.
At this point, it's uncertain if the hurricane will impact Hawaii, but NWS
Forecasters are monitoring it closely. pic.twitter.com/M7IGFlmsaR

Projected Response of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Intensification
in a Global Climate Model
Climate impacts on hurricane/cyclone frequency and strength has long
been a large source of uncertainty. This paper uses a new
high-resolution model at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory to
simulate and predict category 4 and 5 tropical cyclones. They find
that the model shows a frequency and intensification of major
hurricanes similar to observations over the historical period. The
frequency, intensity, and intensification of tropical cyclones all
shift to higher values as the 21st century progresses. Their models'
unique response to climate change and fidelity in simulating the
present climate lays the groundwork for future studies involving
models of this type. -- Journal of Climate

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach Jul 26
North Atlantic SSTs in Main Development Region (MDR) (10-20°, 60-20°W) have
anomalously cooled over past several days. 10-day average MDR SSTs are now
coldest on record and ~0.7°C cooler than the 1981-2010 average. In general,
cooler SSTs mean quieter Atlantic #hurricane seasons pic.twitter.com/J3jnPJXv7x
<Loading Image...>

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 11 Jul 2018 16:43Z
Hurricane #Chris is currently a Category 2 hurricane at 36.4°N. The last
time we had a Category 2+ #hurricane this far north in the Atlantic this
early in the calendar year was 1906. pic.twitter.com/MIdNpFKL8g
<Loading Image...>

NWS @NWS 10 Jul 2018 21:35Z
What is now Hurricane #Chris is moving away from the US towards the NE at
around 10mph - but will continue to cause rip current issues on a number of
East Coast beaches. For the latest on Chris, and the Atlantic tropics in
general, follow @NHC_Atlantic. pic.twitter.com/2kmZfwJF6c
<Loading Image...>

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 08 Jul 2018 18:51Z
Currently all 4 Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone basins have
had above-normal Accumulated Cyclone Energy to date. Typically, at
least one basin ends up below average in any particular year, due in
part to opposite influences of #ElNino in Atlantic vs Pacific.
#hurricane pic.twitter.com/VFZXdHK5Dr
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'People are making stuff up': Mark Knight defends 'racist' Serena
Williams cartoon
<Loading Image...>
<Loading Image...>
ABC News, 11 Sep 2018
Veteran cartoonist Mark Knight has rejected suggestions his depiction of
Serena Williams is "racist" and said those condemning him were "making
stuff up".

Massive global debt warning 10 years after GFC
ABC News, 11 Sep 2018
Canada Pension Plan president Mark Machin says massive global debt looms as
a significant problem one decade after the Lehman Brothers collapse sparked
the global financial crisis.

'Monster' hurricane roars towards US east coast
ABC News, 11 Sep 2018
Forecasters warn the hurricane could become a monster category 5 storm as
245,000 people in Virginia are ordered to leave low-lying areas and another
state's entire coastline is evacuated.

Nike sales rise [30%] after Kaepernick ad
ABC News, 11 Sep 2018
Nike's advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick has proved divisive,
though early numbers suggest that it may prove to be a success for the
sports retailer's sales.

Slater and Gordon law firm targets bank-owned superannuation funds with
series of class actions
* Financial sector slow to clean up its act despite royal commission revelations
* The banking royal commission's greatest shocks (so far)
* Lawyers recommend NAB and CBA face criminal charges over treatment of
super customers
* Banks face criminal charges and $1b bill in fee-for-no-service scandal
[Slater & Gordon Limited
ASX: SGH - 11 Sep., 12:28 pm AEST
2.75 AUD +0.30 (12.24%) *** up 12.2%!!! ***].
ABC/AM, 11 Sep 2018 02:41Z
A major law firm is launching what it believes to be Australia's biggest
group of class actions yet, which will target some of the country's biggest
* Group of class actions believed to be biggest ever in Australian history,
affecting a third of Australians with superannuation funds
* Slater and Gordon law firm alleges super funds owe more than $1 bn to
* Super funds accused of charging exorbitant fees and skimming extra profits
from interest on super accounts
It is estimated that the series of legal actions against super funds owned
by the big banks could end up affecting one third of all Australian adults -
or about 5 mn people.
The law firm Slater and Gordon will allege the funds owe more than $1 bn
to customers in over-inflated fees and gouged returns on low-risk cash schemes.

[How To Win A Trade War:]
China trade surplus narrows, but not with the US
MarketWatch, 10 Sep 2018 1:02 a.m. ET
Beijing. China's total trade surplus narrowed in August despite a
worsening imbalance with the US, as the country faced the threat of
more tariffs from the Trump administration.
China reported a total trade surplus of $27.91 bn in August,
narrowing from a surplus of $28.05 bn a month earlier, customs
data showed. Economists polled by The Wall Street Journal had expected
a $30.6 bn surplus.
Exports rose 9.8% from a year earlier, following July's 12.2% increase,
the General Administration of Customs said Sat. Economists had
forecast an 11% growth in overseas shipments.
Imports were up 20% in August from a year earlier, slowing from a 27.3%
increase the previous month and matching economists' median forecast.
China's trade surplus with the US, however, widened to $31.05 bn
in August from $28.09 bn in July, according to calculations by The
Wall Street Journal based on customs data.

Aussie dollar the 'standout loser', drops below 71 US cents
ABC News, 09 Sep 2018 22:50Z
The Australian dollar is at a two-and-a-half-year low, having briefly dipped
below 71 US cents on a rising greenback and US-China trade concerns.

Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - Closed: 10 Sep., 4:00 pm GMT-4
285.50 USD +22.26 (8.46%) *** up 8.5% ***

BP plc (ADR)
NYSE: BP - Closed: 10 Sep., 4:00 pm GMT-4
42.09 USD +0.060 (0.14%) up

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
NYSE: COG - Closed: 10 Sep., 4:00 pm GMT-4
21.86 USD +0.020 (0.092%) even

Peabody Energy Corporation
NYSE: BTU - Closed: 10 Sep., 4:00 pm GMT-4
42.52 USD -0.040 (0.094%) even

Chevron Corporation
NYSE: CVX - Closed: 10 Sep., 4:00 pm GMT-4
114.48 USD -0.12 (0.10%) down

Exxon Mobil Corporation
NYSE: XOM - Closed: 10 Sep., 4:00 pm GMT-4
81.71 USD -0.12 (0.15%) down

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class A
ETR: R6C - 10 Sep., 3:37 pm GMT+2
27.25 EUR -0.070 (0.26%) down

BHP Billiton Limited
ASX: BHP - 10 Sep., 4:10 pm AEST
31.20 AUD -0.100 (0.32%) down

TSE: TRP - 10 Sep., 9:42 am GMT-4
55.41 CAD -0.20 (0.36%) down
Bret Cahill
2018-09-11 03:27:10 UTC
Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
With 3 confirmed hurricanes running in the Atlantic, 2 more
suspect areas about to develop into cyclones, and a record
season over in the Pacific, it's time to review the headlines.
'Monster' hurricane roars towards US east coast
ABC News, 11 Sep 2018
Forecasters warn the hurricane could become a monster category 5 storm as
245,000 people in Virginia are ordered to leave low-lying areas and another
state's entire coastline is evacuated.
Ave. mean elevation of Outer Banks: 0.5 m.

Swell size: 5 m
2018-09-11 16:35:09 UTC
Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
With 3 confirmed hurricanes running in the Atlantic, 2 more
suspect areas about to develop into cyclones, and a record
season over in the Pacific, it's time to review the headlines.
It's Hurricane Season dumbass ! ! ! WE GET HURRICANES DUMBASS ! !

"Worldwide, tropical cyclone activity peaks in late summer..."

What part of summer are we in now dumbass ? ? ?

Are you claiming that this is due to Gore Bull Warming ? ? Never got hurricanes and typhoons before 1978 huh ? ?

<snip the shit>

Education for little Kimmie Horse smell.....

The Atlantic hurricane season is the period in a year when hurricanes usually form in the Atlantic Ocean. Tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic are called hurricanes, tropical storms, or tropical depressions.

Worldwide, tropical cyclone activity peaks in late summer, when the difference between temperatures aloft and sea surface temperatures is the greatest. However, each particular basin has its own seasonal patterns. On a worldwide scale, May is the least active month, while September is the most active. In the Northern Atlantic Ocean, a distinct hurricane season occurs from June 1 to November 30, sharply peaking from late August through September; the season's climatological peak of activity occurs around September 10 each season.

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