[giggle] "Yellow Vest" Victory: Macron Cancels Fuel Tax Hike Entirely
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2018-12-06 01:25:11 UTC
"Yellow Vest" Victory: Macron Cancels Fuel Tax Hike Entirely In Fear Of
More Riots

"Will not be included in the 2019 budget"

France's President Emmanuel Macron gestures during a meeting with the
French Community, at the Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires on November 29,
2018, on the eve of the G20 Leaders' Summit.

Following the worst anti-government riots in Paris since 2005, French
President Emmanuel Macron has now canceled the fuel tax hike entirely. As
of yesterday, the plan was to delay it for six months, but that has now
been shelved completely in fear that more protests were coming.

According to Fox News, an official with the Elysee Palace confirmed with
the Associated Press on Wednesday that Macron had abandoned the tax
entirely. France's Prime Minister Edouard Philippe confirmed to lawmakers
that the tax will not be included in the 2019 budget.

The so-called "yellow vest" protesters have still vowed to stage
demonstrations alongside trade unions and farmers. Jacline Mouraud, the
self-proclaimed spokesperson for the "yellow vests," told The Associated
Press that Macron's move "is on the right path but in my opinion it will
not fundamentally change the movement."

Mouraud told protesters to seize on Macron's weakness and demand other
perks, such as a minimum wage hike. More protests are expected to come on
Saturday, reports Fox News.

"France's largest farmers' union said it will launch anti-government
protests next week after trucking unions called for a rolling strike,"
reports the outlet. "A joint statement from the CGT and the FO trucking
unions called for action Sunday night to protest a cut in overtime rates.
France's transportation minister agreed to meet with truckers'
representatives on Thursday."

The proposed fuel tax was implemented to combat global climate change;
protesters, especially those in the suburbs, said it imposed too high a
burden and was unaffordable. Some 136,000 people protested in Paris over
the weekend. At Tolbiac University, students took over a school building
and classes were canceled.

"We need taxes, but they are not properly redistributed," protester Thomas
Tricottet told BFM television. "We obviously need to fight against this."

As noted by the Daily Wire's Emily Zanotti, much of the media ignored the
fact that the fuel tax was implemented to combat climate change:

Riots in France are raging into their fourth week, but American
mainstream media outlets like CBS and CNN are having a tough time
reporting on exactly why tens of thousands of French citizens are taking
to the streets - perhaps because the protests are motivated by French
President Emmanuel Macron's burdensome "anti-Climate Change" policies.

To be sure, Macron's recent efforts to combat "climate change" and
reduce France's dependence on "fossil fuels" by levying a new tax on
gasoline and other household fuels is not the only reason the French are
protesting, but fuel tax is the "straw that broke the camel's back."
French citizens were already hit with a tax increase in January, and more
than 60% of the cost of fuel in France comes from government fees.

But if you ask CNN or CBS, the French riots are simply shrouded in

In response to the riots, President Trump blasted the Paris Climate
agreement, which he pulled the United States out of, for punishing

"The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed because it raises the price of
energy for responsible countries while whitewashing some of the worst
polluters," Trump tweeted on Tuesday. "In the world. I want clean air and
clean water and have been making great strides in improving America's
environment. But American taxpayers - and American workers - shouldn't pay
to clean up others countries' pollution."
"It's all about money in the end. Keeping the Gravy Train running."

2018-12-06 03:54:13 UTC
Post by AlleyCat
"Yellow Vest" Victory: Macron Cancels Fuel Tax Hike Entirely In Fear Of
More Riots
Which will just guarantee more riots, courtesy of Generation Identitaire,
into whose demands he will cave...
Mr. B1ack
2018-12-06 16:43:37 UTC
Post by Byker
Post by AlleyCat
"Yellow Vest" Victory: Macron Cancels Fuel Tax Hike Entirely In Fear Of
More Riots
Which will just guarantee more riots, courtesy of Generation Identitaire,
into whose demands he will cave...
Check the BBC page today ... it's NOT over. The
fuel tax was just the proverbial straw. Now the
YJ's and numerous other factions that have grown
hostile towards Macron's policies are building up
towards even larger riots. The govt is freaking out.
Major police presence is being organized and riot
rules will be permitted.

It'll backfire.

Macron and his bullshit 'socialists' are gonna be
OUT of there ... preferably tarred and feathered
and tied to a rail.