exxon puts up $1mn to lobby for carbon tax
(too old to reply)
2018-10-10 17:52:36 UTC
Hillbillies thron unna da bus agin.


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Did you know:
Florence is the sixth-costliest Atlantic hurricane
(>$38.0 bn in damage).
-- wikipedia.org

Israel aims for zero new gasoline, diesel-powered vehicles by 2030
Ari Rabinovitch, Reuters

Michael Gove skips climate change summit day after UN report calls for
urgent action to avoid global disaster
Jon Stone, The Independent

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 10 Oct 2018 13:08Z
The holiday island of Majorca hit by deadly flash flood: aje.io/cmfl6

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 10 Oct 2018 13:07Z
Cyclone Titli threatens flooding to eastern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh
and Odisha.

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 10 Oct 2018 14:06Z
Schools and colleges close as Cyclone Titli threatens flooding to eastern
Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 10 Oct 2018 14:07Z
Cyclone Luban continues to edge closer to Oman and Yemen.

Hurricane Michael: 'Too late to flee' storm set to hit Florida
BBC, 10 Oct 2018 14:27Z
US officials say it is too late to flee from the path of Hurricane Michael -
a category 4 storm - hours before it is due to hit the US mainland.

Patrick Bigbie WDAM @PatrickWDAM 10 Oct 2018 15:14Z
Hurricane Michael is now 7 mph short of Category 5 Status and it's STILL
INTENSIFYING!! Winds are now up to 150mb and the pressure is still falling!!
Now down to 923mb!! This is unlike anything that NW Florida has ever seen!!!
<Loading Image...>

NWS Tallahassee @NWSTallahassee 10 Oct 2018 15:34Z
The situation is about to get serious in parts of Bay, Gulf, and Franklin
county. We've issued our first ever Extreme Wind Warning. This means wind
gusts in excess of 130 MPH are expected as #HurricaneMichael makes landfall
in the next few hours. Shelter in place IMMEDIATELY. pic.twitter.com/5nHmcKLGm0
<Loading Image...>

Matthew Seedorff @MattSeedorff 10 Oct 2018 15:37Z
A look from above as Hurricane Michael gets closer to the Florida panhandle.
I recorded this at 10:10 AM central time from the Treasure Island Tower
#HuricaneMichael #PanamaCityBeach pic.twitter.com/79uvbnj5Pu
<Loading Image...>

Marc Weinberg @MarcWeinbergWX 10 Oct 2018 15:48Z
New construction just collapsed in front of me in Panama City Beach from #hurricanemichael!!! It is going bad fast! pic.twitter.com/CG5R8jcUuf
<Loading Image...>

NWS Tallahassee @NWSTallahassee 10 Oct 2018 16:14Z
More information on the Extreme Wind Warning that is currently in effect
until 215pm ET. TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY! Wind gusts in excess of 130mph
expected within the eyewall as it moves onshore! #HurricaneMichael
<Loading Image...>

[Exactly where European model said:]
Michael's storm surge moves quickly ashore in Destin, Florida
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10 Oct 2018 16:20Z
Hours before Category 4 Hurricane Michael was expected to make landfall,
the Florida Panhandle was feeling the wind and waves from the ...

Ryan Maue | weathermodels.com @RyanMaue Oct 8
Replying to @RyanMaue
Extended out to 5-days ... Note the red tracks on the right of the ensemble
mean (black bubble line) -- those are more intense since they remain over
the Gulf longer & represent stronger scenarios ... But right now, focusing
on Destin area landfall. pic.twitter.com/bv5g3PzBtT
<Loading Image...>

NBC News @NBCNews 10 Oct 2018 16:25Z
Replying to @NBCNews
The eye of Hurricane Michael is just off the coast of Panama City, Florida.
(12:15 p.m. ET) pic.twitter.com/H8zi506ML6
<Loading Image...>

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 10 Oct 2018 16:29Z
#Michael now has max sustained winds of 150 mph - the only #hurricane with
stronger max sustained winds this far north in the Gulf of Mexico was
Hurricane Camille (1969). pic.twitter.com/rE5cmVX4R2
<Loading Image...>

Jonathan Erdman @wxjerdman 10 Oct 2018 16:35Z
Now over 7-foot surge at Apalachicola, FL. #HurricaneMichael
<Loading Image...>

adam zaccaria Jr @AdamZaccaria 10 Oct 2018 16:42Z
Hurricane Michael shuts nearly 40% of Gulf oil output
a.msn.com/r/2/BBOcpsO?m=# pic.twitter.com/d9rVcNSbtR
<Loading Image...>

Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach 10 Oct 2018 16:58Z
#Hurricane #Michael's pressure continues to drop - now down to 919 hPa. Only
two continental US hurricanes have made landfall with a lower pressure:
Labor Day (1935) - 892 hPa and Camille (1969) - 900 hPa.
<Loading Image...>

Kristopher @ksull72487 26s
Replying to @philklotzbach
It weakened slightly according to the latest flight. Very very very slightly.
I doubt it has enough to make Cat 5. It's going down more than likely as
one heck of a 4.

AJ+ @ajplus 10 Oct 2018 16:49Z
Replying to @ajplus
Hurricane Michael is set to be the Florida Panhandle's worst hurricane on
record. Authorities ordered 1000s of people to shelter, saying there is
no time left to evacuate. ## sea levels could rise 14ft ## potential
flooding up to 9ft ## 10,000 people already without power
<Loading Image...>

Matt Moore @WGALMattMoore 10 Oct 2018 17:02Z
Hurricane #Michael just dropped to 919 mb, making it the 3rd strongest
hurricane to hit the continental United States on record. Stronger (by
pressure) than Andrew & Katrina. Only the Keys hurricane and Camille were
stronger. Unreal. pic.twitter.com/V3TqFY1KIh
<Loading Image...>

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class A
ETR: R6C - 10 Oct., 12:21 pm GMT+2
30.00 EUR +0.37 (1.27%) *** up 1.3% ***

General Motors Company
NYSE: GM - 10 Oct., 1:00 pm GMT-4
32.86 USD +0.20 (0.61%) up

Ford Motor Company
NYSE: F - 10 Oct., 1:01 pm GMT-4
8.96 USD +0.010 (0.11%) up

NK Rosneft' PAO
MCX: ROSN - 10 Oct., 1:35 pm GMT+3
471.00 RUB -2.10 (0.44%) down

Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd
TSE: KML - 10 Oct., 12:42 pm GMT-4
17.10 CAD -0.095 (0.55%) down

Exxon Mobil Corporation
NYSE: XOM - 10 Oct., 12:56 pm GMT-4
85.83 USD -0.68 (0.79%) down

Gazprom PAO
MCX: GAZP - 10 Oct., 12:21 pm GMT+3
169.99 RUB -2.12 (1.23%) *** down 1.2% ***

BP plc
NYSE: BP - 10 Oct., 12:58 pm GMT-4
45.38 USD -0.63 (1.37%) *** down 1.4% ***

Chevron Corporation
NYSE: CVX - 10 Oct., 12:59 pm GMT-4
124.60 USD -2.25 (1.77%) *** down 1.8% ***

Suncor Energy Inc.
TSE: SU - 10 Oct., 12:44 pm GMT-4
49.48 CAD -0.94 (1.86%) *** down 1.9% ***

Peabody Energy Corporation
NYSE: BTU - 10 Oct., 12:57 pm GMT-4
34.52 USD -1.17 (3.28%) *** down 3.3% ***

NYSE: COP - 10 Oct., 12:57 pm GMT-4
76.65 USD -2.76 (3.48%) *** down 3.5% ***
2018-10-11 03:17:16 UTC
Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
Hillbillies thron unna da bus agin.
"Exxon wants a low price on carbon to keep its business afloat and box out
more effective climate mitigation strategies, including holding fossil fuel
companies legally accountable for the damage they've done to our planet"
JTEM is right
2018-10-11 03:40:21 UTC
Five minutes before Exxon started lobbying
for a tax that will benefit the rich an
impoverish the poor you thought they were
evil. But now you can't praise then fast

-- --

Bret Cahill
2018-10-11 03:48:03 UTC
Post by JTEM is right
Five minutes before Exxon started lobbying
for a tax that will benefit the rich an
impoverish the poor
Geo taxation is always progressive.

Want to destroy yer economy?

Subsidize carbon like Venezuela.

Want to live in a functional democracy like Netherlands w/o any poor people?

Tax the hell out of carbon.