Super affordable hybrid saves environment, achives impossible 21.6 MPG
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JTEM is right
2018-11-08 06:43:01 UTC
Yes, it boggles the mind to think it at
all possible but, thanks to hyper "Green"
hybrid technology you might achieve as
much as 21.6 MPG, almost 3 MPG more than
it's conventionally powered stable mates
(2.6 more, actually), all in a very
affordable package...

Sick of Global Warming(tm)? Oh so concerned
for the planet? Well, environmentally conscious,
"Science" oriented people of the world, rejoice!
The Bentley Bentayga hybrid SUV is just about

The https://www.bentleymotors.com/en/models/bentayga/bentayga-hybrid.html

The Bentley Bentayga hybrid doesn't just appeal
to the environmentalists either. With a starting
price of just under $200,000.00 this SUV has a
lot to offer for the budget-conscious consumer
as well... even beyond the breath taking fuel

Who said you can't save the world? For a mere
$200,000.00 you can be reducing your Carbon
Footprint with an astounding 21.6 MPG, all for
less than the cost of a Manhattan condo!
*Sniff*< >*Sniff*<
I smell a tax break!

See your neighborhood Bentley dealer for details.

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JTEM is right
2018-11-08 06:58:12 UTC
In the spirit of full disclosure here:

Nobody really knows what the fuel economy of
the new Bentley hybrid SUV is. As long as it's
not actually for sale they don't have to tell
anyone. They can't shut up about it's "All
Electric" range, which is as low as 30 miles
by most reports, but they're being tight lipped
about fuel economy.

NOTE: In my experience, a SUV in America has
an estimated "City" and a "Highway" fuel
economy, and whatever the city mileage is will
probably end up being your actual COMBINED

Yes, if you take your real world city fuel
economy, add your real world highway mileage
and figure out your average, it should equal
the advertised city fuel economy...

No matter what, a hybrid SUV is a genuinely
stupid car. It's never going to be
"Environmentally Friendly." It's polluting
way more than an economical sedan. It's just
a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to build.

...unless it's about tax breaks and,
even more importantly, luxury cars as status
symbols. Then it makes perfect sense.

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