YTD 2018: NYc, Boston lead on sunny day floods
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2018-06-07 06:11:51 UTC

New York, Boston Set Coastal Flood Records as Storms Fuel Tides

Brian K. Sullivan
07 Jun 2018 4:38AM

New York and Boston experienced a record number of days with coastal
flooding in the last year as waters surged time and again more than 1
foot (31 centimeters) above normal high tide levels.

New York had 15 record flood days from May 2017 to April 2018, and
Boston had 22, according to a report Wed from the US Center
for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services. The Northeast
could be swamped for 5 to 6 days in the coming year, the center forecasts.

"What was fairly uncommon before has become common," Gregory Dusek,
chief scientist at the center in Silver Spring, Maryland, said in a
conference call with reporters.

Coastal floods are growing more frequent because oceans are rising
beyond traditional limits, swamping streets, sewer systems and causing
bns in damages to real estate. The Northeast -- with more than $5
tr in coastal property from New York to Massachusetts -- is
getting hit particularly hard because winter storms are exacerbating
effects of global warming, driving sea levels even higher. In Jan
and March, norĂ¢easters drove tides in Boston Harbor, home to the
Everett liquefied natural gas terminal, to their 2 highest levels ever.

About one third of sea level rise stems from the thermal expansion of
the ocean due to higher temperatures, Dusek said. Two thirds, he said,
can be blamed on ice melting in Greenland, Antarctica and elsewhere.
The US had its warmest May on record for the contiguous 48 states,
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a separate

Other areas that experienced record tidal flooding include Sabine
Pass, TX, which is home to a liquefied natural gas export terminal
and had 23 record days. Galveston -- at the mouth of the Houston ship
channel -- had 18 days. And San Diego, California, had 13.


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New York, Boston Set Coastal Flood Records as Storms Fuel Tides
BloombergQuint, 07 Jun 2018 01:03Z
New York and Boston experienced a record number of days with ... are
exacerbating effects of global warming, driving sea levels even higher.

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JTEM is right
2018-06-07 16:21:32 UTC
Boston is mostly landfill. In other words,
it's where water is supposed to be, by

A huge chunk of the city of Boston used to
be harbor. More of it was wetlands -- some
might call it "Swamp." The wetlands are
nature's sewerage system, soaking up any
excess water. But it's gone. Worse, the
excess water it's supposed to be soaking up
was coming from the harbor which is now

Get it?

Where the land is was & is supposed to be water.

-- --

2018-06-07 22:57:13 UTC
Post by JTEM is right
Where the land is was & is supposed to be water.
So is D.C....