contenental drift is less than 10 miles -- hillbilly
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2018-08-04 21:59:12 UTC
The Link Between Climate Change and 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria
Live Science, 03 Aug 2018 18:39Z
Scientists warn that as climate change causes an increase in sea surface
temperatures and a rise in sea levels, Vibrio infections will become more

Andrew Derocher @AEDerocher 03 Aug 2018 21:56Z
New study used ice cores & tree ring climate proxies to estimate Kara &
Barents seas autumn sea ice to 1289. Study suggests current ice loss there
is unprecedented in duration & rate of change. In other words, new &
challenging conditions for #polarbears. nsidc.org/arcticseaicene...
[Sea ice Barents 1300-:]
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Zeke Hausfather @hausfath 3 Aug 2018 11:07 AM
Replying to @ncdave4life
Here is a comparison of all the different surface records:
[Comparison of surface series:]
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'I feel disgusting': father with terminal disease not eligible for NDIS,
forced to apply for jobs
ABC News, 04 Aug 2018
A Brisbane father diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease fears he
will "wake up dead one day with no assistance", after being rejected for
Commonwealth financial assistance.

Renewable energy park in drought-affected town brings hope
ABC Rural, 04 Aug 2018 00:40Z
A north Queensland community struggling with drought and unemployment
receives a boost from an Australian-first project, but needs more permanent

Calum Sherwood @CalumSPlath Aug 2
Bertrand Russell demolished all these hot takes on why debating the
far-right is the only way to defeat it when he declined to debate Oswald
Mosley in 1962. Debating fascists is what they want, to be treated as equal
sparring partners and granted legitimacy. Do not platform them.

Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes
New York Times, 04 Aug 2018 08:42Z

It could get a lot worse for the banks as the royal commission's focus turns
to superannuation
ABC News, 05 Aug 2018
The banks and AMP are bracing themselves for another forensic dissection as
the Hayne royal commission starts looking for malignant practices in their
superannuation businesses, writes Andrew Robertson.

The Big Dry: what's it like living in a town running out of water
ABC News, 05 Aug 2018
The New South Wales town of Murrurundi has enough water to last until
Nov. Then what?

Farmers in 'crippling' drought offered federal cash relief
ABC News, 05 Aug 2018
The Turnbull Government signs off on emergency "special" payments for
eligible farmers who are under intense financial strain due to the
relentless drought conditions.
2018-08-04 22:31:33 UTC
"contenental [sic] drift is less than 10 miles"
For North America over the last 500,000 years..... yes..... that's correct ! !