Proselytizing The Global Warming Religion: Complete with References & Cites
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2018-08-04 22:28:48 UTC
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JTEM is right
2018-08-04 23:46:53 UTC
Post by Catoni
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It's dumb.

It begins with the conclusion that certain powers are
using climate scare tactics as a wedge issue, a means
to control a huge block of voters.... and immediately
leaps into partisan politics of it's own!

Look. You want people who are climate alarmists to
stop being climate alarmists. But, you only want that
if they also buy into Trickle Down economics, union
busting, outsourcing, healthcare as a privilege AND
ALL THE OTHER nonsense the Reich wing stands for.

You: "I want you on my side, AFTER you give up all
your sensible positions and walk in step with the
Reich Wing politicians!"

What you've got to do is lower the price. You've got
to make it less expensive for them to abandon climate
hysterics. And, yes, that means stop telling them
that climate alarmism & decent social values are one
and the same. Do the opposite!

Point out how "Carbon Taxes" are literally a tax on
air, a gift to Wall Street and the 1%!

Point out how our policies that starve our own
economies of fossil fuels are only ever making
brutal, repressive nations that much richer, more
powerful & influential.


Appeal to their good nature. Appeal to their
liberal values. THAT'S how you win them over
to your side.

...that's how the 1% got them to support
a super regressive "Carbon Tax" on air.

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