The Christian Right So Full of Hate & Contempt? They Even Hate Our Military And Most Americans Thanks To Hate Filled Racist Anti Patriot Trump
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Joe Cooper
2018-07-09 14:50:33 UTC
The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate

Bruce Bartlett, an economic historian, was a domestic policy adviser to
President Ronald Reagan and a Treasury official under President George H.W.

UPDATED JULY 21, 2016, 2:36 PM

The Republican Party today is basically a coalition of grievances united by
one thing: hatred. Hatred of immigrants, hatred of minorities, hatred of
intellectuals, hatred of gays, feminists and many other groups too numerous
to mention. What binds them together is hatred of Democrats because they are
welcoming to every group that Republicans reject.

A new Republican coalition must be assembled, purged of the haters and know-
nothings, but I expect that process to take decades.
I do not know exactly when hatred became the binding force in the Republican
Party, but its takeover of the once “Solid South” of the Democratic Party was
the key turning point. When the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts broke the
Democratic Party’s hold on that region, the G.O.P. moved in to replace it.
But in the process, Republicans absorbed the traditions of racism, bigotry,
populism and rule by plutocrats called “Bourbons” that defined the politics
of the South after the Civil War. They also inherited an obsession with self-
defense, allegiance to evangelical Christianity, chauvinism, xenophobia and
other cultural characteristics long cultivated in the South.

The Bourbons maintained their power by dividing the poor and working classes
along racial lines so that they would not unify for their mutual betterment
by raising taxes on the wealthy, improving schools and making government
responsive to the needs of the masses rather than protecting the wealth and
position of the Bourbons.

The Southern states have long followed what are now doctrinaire Republican
policies: minuscule taxes, no unions, aggressive pro-business policies,
privatized public services and strong police forces that kept minorities in
their place. Yet the South is and always has been our poorest region and
shows no sign of converging with the Northeast, which has long followed
progressive policies opposite those in the South and been the wealthiest
region as well.

The addition of conservative former Democrats to the traditional Republican
coalition increased the party’s strength in the short run and allowed it to
take over Congress. But as Southern attitudes have now completely taken over
the G.O.P., its strength outside the South has begun to wane. It simply
cannot win nationally as a whites-only party in a nation where the white
share of the vote is inexorably shrinking.

I expect that I may not live to see another Republican president and it’s
only a matter of time before the G.O.P. loses control of Congress. A new
Republican coalition must be assembled, purged of the haters and know-
nothings, but I expect that process to take decades.
2018-07-09 14:50:34 UTC
Post by Joe Cooper
The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate
Many years ago, Democrats were known for their staunch support of
peaceful protests and our First Amendment rights guaranteeing free
speech. Today, party activists have become intolerant, hateful and, in
too many cases, violent.

It seems that almost every week a Trump administration official or
supporter is being badgered by leftist protesters. It happened to
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a restaurant and at her
home. Both Senior White House Policy Advisor Stephen Miller and former
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt were recently harassed at restaurants.
Of course, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her
family were not allowed to eat dinner at the Red Hen Restaurant in
Lexington, Virginia because of her support for the President’s

Even movie theaters are not save havens for Trump supporters. Florida
Attorney General Pam Bondi, a staunch Republican and supporter of the
President, was hounded by a menacing group as she was trying to attend
a movie celebrating the life of the iconic television personality Mr.
Rogers, an opponent of unfair treatment and bullying. Presumably, the
leftist mob learned nothing about manners from the life of Mr. Rogers.

All of this mistreatment has been encouraged by some far-left activists
and Democrat Party leaders like Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA). At
a June 23 rally in Los Angeles, Waters urged her supporters to continue
the abuse. She said, “Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to
show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a
department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a
crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome
anymore, anywhere.”

These incendiary comments are being taken literally by progressive
agitators throughout the nation. This week, at a Whataburger restaurant
in San Antonio, TX, Kino Jimenez, 30, attacked Hunter Richard, a 16-
year-old Donald Trump supporter who was wearing an iconic “Make America
Great Again” hat. Jimenez threw a drink in the teenager’s face, ripped
off his hat and pulled out some of Richard’s hair in the process.
Jimenez left the restaurant with Richard’s hat, showing no remorse for
his violent behavior. In fact, he boasted that the hat was “going right
in my f*** fireplace b***.” Fortunately, this was captured on video and
police later arrested him for felony theft

This type of insanity is happening throughout the country. According to
liberal professor Alan Dershowitz, a woman at a party in Martha’s
Vineyard threatened to “stab him through the heart.” The threat was
issued because Dershowitz does not support the impeachment of Donald
Trump. As Dershowitz correctly noted, “The Democrat Party has been
taken over by radicals who have no interest in due process…. they don’t
want any dissent, they don’t want any argument.”

What Democrats demand is total unity in their campaign to stop Donald
Trump. To accomplish this goal, they encourage harassing Trump
officials, supporters and average citizens. In too many instances, this
campaign of persecution is morphing into actual violence.

It happened in Boynton Beach, Florida on Independence Day. Trump
supporter Jeff Good was enjoying a fireworks presentation from his
driveway. He also proudly displayed a Donald Trump flag on his lawn;
however, this was unacceptable to a couple driving by in a vehicle.
They demanded Good remove his flag, but he refused. As a result, Good
was punched by the driver and dragged thirty feet in his car when his
arm became caught in the door. Fortunately, he was able to escape with
minor bruises, scrapes and cuts. At the current time, the local police
are still investigating, and no arrests have been made.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, this leftist violence has been
escalating. Last summer, a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to
kill Republican congressmen at a baseball practice. Majority Whip Steve
Scalise was seriously injured in the attack. U.S. Senator Rand Paul
(R-KY) was attacked by his liberal Democrat neighbor while he was
mowing the yard and last week his family was threatened by a Berkeley
man who vowed to “kill” Paul and “chop up” his family “with an axe.”

At this point, it would be helpful if Democratic Party leaders issued a
strong and unified statement condemning not only the violence, but also
the hateful rhetoric and harassment. Until then, we should expect more
of this dangerous behavior from the unhinged mob on the left. Let’s
hope and pray no one is injured or killed for committing the “offense”
of supporting Donald Trump.