Tesla up sharply after Musk tweets maybe taking private at $420
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2018-08-07 18:45:03 UTC
Tsk tsk. Shorters ruined.

Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
366.94 USD +24.95 (7.30%) *** up 7.3%! ***

Elon Musk tweets he is taking Tesla private at $420
News.com.au, 07 Aug 2018 17:34Z

Tesla shares halted after string of Musk tweets on possibly taking
company private
CNBC, 07 Aug 2018 17:34Z

Tesla Model 3 Cracks July Top Ten Sales
Investopedia, 07 Aug 2018 11:36Z
According to Goodcarbadcar, which analyzes sales data for the automobile
industry, during the month of July, Tesla sold 14,250 Model 3 ...

The Drilldown: Severe Ontario forest fires causing long-term damage
iPolitics.ca, 07 Aug 2018 14:43Z

Firefighters battling 122 active forest fires across northern Ontario
CTV News, 07 Aug 2018 11:42Z

'Race and gender bias' behind alleged Liberal Party kebab shop brawl: police
ABC News, 07 Aug 2018 05:03Z
A man is facing charges stemming from an alleged brawl which erupted
during a Liberal Party branch meeting at a Kebab shop in Sydney's
south in June.

Water bills to soar as climate change takes hold
Increasingly frequent droughts, floods and superstorms are set to
drive water utility costs higher, according to a new report from the
Institute of Mechanism Engineers, the Telegraph reports. The
engineering authority said the longer, hotter summers - an expected
outcome of climate change -will mean water treatment plants will need
to run at peak flow rates for longer. This would raise maintenance and
running costs, energy consumption and the amount of chemicals needed
to clean the water, the report said. "The report's author Jenifer
Baxter, head of engineering at the institution, warned that water
companies will need to adapt to climate change by preparing for both
drought and flood risks," the Telegraph says. Energy Live News also
has the story. -- Jillian Ambrose, The Telegraph

The next major innovation in batteries might be here
Quartz has a feature about a new battery developed by Pellion
Technologies, a Massachusetts-based startup. It claims it "has made
the leap beyond lithium-ion that will bring the battery industry to
the next stage of technological disruption. [CEO Dave Eaglesham] and
his colleagues have accomplished something researchers have been
struggling with for decades: they've built a reliable rechargeable
lithium-metal battery." Quartz explains why this could be significant:
"Pellion's battery can pack nearly double the energy of a conventional
lithium-ion battery, making it able to, for example, double the time a
drone can spend in the air. That 100% increase in energy density is a
step change compared to the annual 10% or so improvement the battery
industry currently averages. If Pellion overcomes early limitations,
its batteries have the potential to power a Tesla car for 800 km (500
miles) on a single charge, rather than today's upper limits of 400 km."
-- Akshat Rathi, Quartz

Cross-equatorial winds control El Niño diversity and change
The overall weakening in El Niño events over the past 2 decades
could be related to the "strengthening of cross-equatorial winds in
the eastern Pacific", a study shows. For the new study, the
researchers use in situ, satellite and atmospheric reanalysis data.
-- Nature Climate Change

Australia - 'Big call': minister refuses to link drought to climate
change on Q&A
Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian

France approves bids for 720 MW solar power projects
Bate Felix, Reuters

Wetter weather caused by climate change reduces forest soils'
absorption of greenhouse gases: study

Healthcare not very green compared to other industries
Linda Carroll, Reuters

Australia: Abbott policies reduced effectiveness of foreign aid to
combat climate change
Paul Karp, The Guardian

Anders Adamsen @anderspreben 06 Aug 2018 14:29Z
The scorching #heatwave in Europe continues ## This #map shows all-time
European heat records by country. The #Danish record will be challenged this
week according to the Met Office # # @JakubMarian | #climate
<Loading Image...>

Paul Dawson @PaulEDawson 07 Aug 2018 04:30Z
"The heatwave we now have in Europe is not something that was expected with
just 1C of warming," "Several positive feedback loops are already in
operation, but they are still weak. We need studies to show when they might
cause a runaway effect" #Climate theguardian.com/environment/20#

Australia's population officially 25 mn
ABC News, 07 Aug 2018 13:01Z
[The population clock at the ABS ticked over to 25 mn at 1 min past 11pm].

Banks could owe customers $840 mn in illegal fees
ABC News, 07 Aug 2018 15:01Z
In an ASIC report released today the corp watchdog says banks have
taken at least $840 mn in various fees without providing any service
to customers. The report came out as the RC into banking starts to
hear how banks have managed superannuation funds with MLC, operated by
the NAB, first up on the chopping block. The prosecutor put it to NAB
managers the bank had looked long and hard for an excuse to avoid
having to pay back $mns to customers for fees they took without
illegally. The managers denied the allegation. The prosecutor alleged
the bank had tried to retrospectively find a service that had been
provided they could claim would justify the fees. The managed denied
the allegation. But they acknowledged they expected the bank would pay
back less when they settled on an opt in compensation scheme but not
alerting customers they had been hoodwinked into paying the fees.

Air France KLM SA
EPA: AF - 7 Aug., 5:37 pm GMT+2
8.80 EUR +0.21 (2.42%) *** up 2.4% ***

Sony Corp
TYO: 6758 - 7 Aug., 3:00 pm GMT+9
6,163 JPY +89 (1.47%) *** up 1.5% ***

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
ETR: BMW - 7 Aug., 10:03 am GMT+2
84.48 EUR +0.97 (1.16%) *** up 1.2% ***

Airbus SE
EPA: AIR - 7 Aug., 5:38 pm GMT+2
109.00 EUR +1.18 (1.09%) *** up 1.1% ***

Amazon.com, Inc.
NASDAQ: AMZN - 7 Aug., 2:30 pm GMT-4
1,867.30 USD +19.55 (1.06%) *** up 1.1% ***

Gazprom PAO
MCX: GAZP - 7 Aug., 6:49 pm GMT+3
142.74 RUB +1.40 (0.99%) *** up 1% ***

Suncor Energy Inc. (USA)
TSE: SU - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
53.72 CAD +0.0050 (0.0093%) even

Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd
TSE: KML - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
16.74 CAD -0.020 (0.12%) down

American Outdoor Brands Corp [Smith & Wesson]
NASDAQ: AOBC - 7 Aug., 2:30 pm GMT-4
9.37 USD -0.060 (0.64%) down
12m low: 9.00 on 28 Feb 2018
12m high: 19.28 on 08 Aug 2017

Facebook, Inc. Common Stock
NASDAQ: FB - 7 Aug., 2:31 pm GMT-4
184.19 USD -1.50 (0.81%) down

Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd
ASX: LNG - 7 Aug., 4:10 pm AEST
0.70 AUD -0.0100 (1.40%) *** down 1.4% ***

BHP Billiton Limited
ASX: BHP - 7 Aug., 4:10 pm AEST
33.62 AUD -0.48 (1.41%) *** down 1.4% ***

[An here comes beedul bom!]
TSE: TRP - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
58.10 CAD -0.65 (1.11%) *** down 1.1% ***
2018-08-08 02:26:53 UTC
Psycho doesn't like being answerable to stock-holders.
Kym Horsell
2018-08-08 02:32:35 UTC
Post by $27 TRILLION to PAY for KYOTO
Psycho doesn't like being answerable to stock-holders.
Stock holders like the idea.

Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
366.94 USD +24.95 (7.30%) *** up 7.3%! ***
Kym Horsell
2018-08-08 04:05:08 UTC
Post by Kym Horsell
Post by $27 TRILLION to PAY for KYOTO
Psycho doesn't like being answerable to stock-holders.
Stock holders like the idea.
Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
366.94 USD +24.95 (7.30%) *** up 7.3%! ***
Stockholders keep voting "yes".
Yes -- wipe out the shorters.
Yes -- buy me out at a premium price.
Yes -- go on to become anober $tr company.

Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - Closed: 7 Aug., 4:00 pm GMT-4
379.57 USD +37.58 (10.99%) *** up 11% ***
[TSLA was suspended at +7%. When trading resumed it spiked again].
Bret Cahill
2018-08-08 06:50:17 UTC
Post by Kym Horsell
Post by $27 TRILLION to PAY for KYOTO
Psycho doesn't like being answerable to stock-holders.
Stock holders like the idea.
Tesla Inc
NASDAQ: TSLA - 7 Aug., 2:08 pm GMT-4
366.94 USD +24.95 (7.30%) *** up 7.3%! ***
Rod Laver would play around some and then always win eventually. Laver was either holding back or always in control.

Musk is doing the same thing.

"Excess of strength alone is proof of strength."

-- Nietzsche