Apr 2018: global SST +.465C above ~1980s #7/169: Hadley SST
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2018-05-10 18:51:39 UTC
Hadley has released its data for global SST for Apr 2018.

The month came in at +.465C above the series baseline (~1980s avgs)
ranking 7th-warmest in the 169-year Hadley record.

The top 10 warmest Aprils are now:
2016 0.654
2017 0.598
2015 0.557
2010 0.501
1998 0.489
2014 0.478
2018 0.465 <-- new #7/169
2005 0.391
2002 0.388
2004 0.375

The Jan-Apr YTD avg glob SST is +.4028C, ranking 6th-warmest
for the period on the HadSST record.

2016 0.67175
2017 0.53800
2010 0.47150
1998 0.46700
2015 0.45675
2018 0.40275 <-- #6
2002 0.38375
2014 0.37025
2003 0.36475
2005 0.36325

Kenyan dam burst causes 'huge destruction of both life and property'
ABC News, 10 May 2018 3:57pm
A dam has burst in a Kenyan town after heavy rain, causing "huge
destruction" and deaths, a govt official says.

Chart of the day: Australia's income tax is getting progressively less
ABC News, 10 May 2018 05:17Z
Australia's progressive tax system has been getting progressively flatter
for more than thirty years, and the Government wants to keep that trend going.
[The latest proposal is a 33% "bracket" from 45k to 199k].

Ancient cave reveals secrets of technological innovation in the Stone Age
ABC The World Today, 10 May 2018 06:09Z
Archaeologists exploring an enormous cave in Kenya have discovered
some of the oldest examples of technological innovation by humans,
beginning more than 60,000 years ago.

An analysis of the prevalence of heat waves in the United States
between 1948 and 2015
There has been a "strong increase" in the prevalence of heat waves in
the US between the mid-1970s and 2015, a new study finds. Analysis of
observed data show that increases in heatwave frequency are similar
for both daytime and nighttime, but largest in summer. Looking at
different regions, the findings suggest the biggest heatwave increases
have occurred in the west and southwest, while the Pacific Coast was
most likely to experience daytime and nighttime heatwaves
simultaneously. -- Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology

Russia shows off Arctic military might as it debuts fighting snowmobile at
Red Square parade
Alec Luhn, The Telegraph

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India's largest renewable power company is set to go public
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Deadly frog fungus traced to Korea, sparks call for halt to pet trade
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Brent crude surges over $78/bbl
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American Outdoor Brands Corp
NASDAQ: AOBC - 10 May 2:21 pm GMT-4
11.10 USD +0.27 (2.45%) *** up 2.5% ***

Exxon Mobil Corporation
NYSE: XOM - 10 May 2:18 pm GMT-4
81.48 USD +1.54 (1.93%) *** up 1.9% ***
5y low: 72.83 on 28 Mar 2018

Ford Motor Company
NYSE: F - 10 May 2:20 pm GMT-4
11.22 USD +0.16 (1.45%) *** up 1.5% ***
5y low: 10.29 on 01 Mar 2018

Gazprom PAO
MCX: GAZP - 10 May 6:48 pm GMT+3
146.38 RUB +0.90 (0.62%) up

TSE: TRP - 10 May 2:09 pm GMT-4
55.53 CAD -0.36 (0.64%) down
12m low: 51.14 on 03 Apr 2018
12m high: 64.68 on 02 Aug 2017

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
NYSE: COG - 10 May 2:18 pm GMT-4
22.94 USD -0.17 (0.71%) down
JTEM is right
2018-05-10 20:41:36 UTC
It's understood that with "Average" there's
going to be numbers above and below that
number, often times a lot higher and lower.

...and then when you cherry pick the
"Average" for the 1980s, it's a given that
most and probably even all the years are
either higher or lower than "Average." It's
just when you "Average" them out you get
something in the middle...

So, these nimrods cherry picked the 1980s,
pretended God engraved a commandment somewhere
stating that 1980s temperatures are where we're
supposed to be, and even then not any actual
temperatures -- which were all higher or lower --
but an "Average."

Wow. This shit actually fools people?

-- --