You can lead a horse...
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2018-07-08 17:39:17 UTC
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

""However, over the fifteen years to 2016 the HadCRUT4v5 and Cowtan & Way GMST trends, of 0.138°C /century and 0.160°C /century respectively, are equally close to the 0.149°C /century ERAinterim trend; the GISTEMP and NOAAv4.0.1 trends are both above 0.17°C /century..."""
2018-07-08 17:59:59 UTC
2018-07-10 11:06:14 UTC
Us carbon users have determined that your bitching and whining about co2, climate and DOOMSDAY SCENARIO can be hazardous to your health.
2018-07-11 06:24:05 UTC
According to the CLIMATE MEISTER, obama, in his speech in 2015, the science on climate is "settled", those who don't accept it are in a state of "denialism", and are,,,


so why should they even be trying to lead a horse to water or allowed.
Probably miss the horsee tank all together being so worried about their profits from selling oil or business, or being just a plain dumb ordinary person who cannt grasp the delicate and refined 'settled' science that is so obvious to the smarty pants with accreditation in 'science', and the intellectual elite who can believe and parrrot the 'SETTLED' science.

Besiides, horses make methane. Somone is gonna have to fork over the methane tax to allow thhe damn horse to have any water.
2018-07-11 06:55:28 UTC

The solar constant is 1368Wm-2.
The solar energy is only about 950Wm-2 after pssing through the stratosphere.
It is the O2 and N2 that absorb this energy, and causes a thermal inversion of the stratosphere.

This in itself PROVES the concept of GHGs fallacious since the O2 and N2 are NOT transparent but absorb and emit the full range of infrared frequencies and overall energy the same as co2. Which can also be shown by various means in laboratory or empirical science,

Absolutely impossible that additions of trace amounts of GHGs can affect temperature or climate.

This fact is deliberately hidden since it is wholly incompaatible with theory.

Kenneth Trenberth of NOAA the chief architect of this deliberate fraud and therefore promotor of the unbased hostilty and holy war of the greenies against the US.
2018-07-12 23:47:59 UTC
...Kenneth Trenberth of NOAA the chief architect of this deliberate fraud and therefore promotor of the unbased hostilty and holy war of the greenies against the US.

Trenberth's scientific fraud is a crime. Besides misappropriation of public funds, this false science promotes the wackos of the greenies in hostile attacks upon 'deniers' which are in no way justified.

It is their phrase 'combat climate change'.
And their intent is 'holy war' against our normal use of carbon which is crucial to our survival and sanctity.

In his position, and the 'war' and aggression agaianst the US which he promotes and to which he gives false substantiation, when he comes to trial for his crimes, he can and should be tried for Treason against the US.

War or acts of war against the US.
Aid and comfort to the enemies of the US.
2018-07-13 04:14:02 UTC
The 'consensus' on AGW onky exists because of Trenberth's modification, falsification, and ommision of basic perinent fact. M

Most importantly the absorption of infrared energy by the 'non-GHG' gases of O2 AND N2 in the stratosphere, which MUST be transparent to IR for the theory of that only specific gases absorb the IR and that minute quantities of these trace gases and anthropogenic contributions, affect temperature and climate.

And the elimination of anthropogenic contributions is a real and immediate threat.

So when he is on trial, will he refer to the belief and 'consensus' of 'scientists' as his defense against the accusation of his blantant and intrinsic fraud and his scientific basis?


Cat got your fucking tongue, Trenberth?

Maybe we want to hear what 'scientists' telp us?

Algore and the CLIMATE MEISTER, (obama), seem to put a lot of weight in this as they tell us to lày down our lives and sit in the corner with NO CARBON USE to 'save the planet' for the grandchildren.