Canada fire season 2018
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2018-08-07 12:30:02 UTC

B.C. Wildfires 2018: Local state of emergency declared on Vancouver

Personnel from Mexico and New Zealand flying in to support efforts as
wildfire season heats up

CBC News
06 Aug 2018 11:04 AM PT


The Regional District of Nanaimo declared a local state of emergency
Mon at 7:45 p.m PT., and said residents of some homes to the west
of the blaze have been ordered to leave. Another 77 homes are on
evacuation alert.

Reinforcements arrive

As the wildfire season continues to intensify, international crews are
arriving in B.C. to help fight wildfires across the province.

The wildfire service says that 60 personnel from Mexico and 60 more
from New Zealand are set to arrive in the province on Mon.

Crews from Australia are scheduled to arrive later in the week.

* B.C. Wildfires 2018: 'Intense' lightning storms ramp up
wildfires across the province

Chief Fire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek said international crews
are a mix of "on-the-ground firefighters and highly specialized

"This will be crucial to maintain not only our ability to respond
right now but also casting out that we're not really seeing relief in
sight for the weather, ensuring that we have enough resources to get
us through the rest of the summer," he said.

[image] The B.C. Wildfire Service said 25 fires are currently burning
in the Cassiar fire zone, including the Alkali and Elbow Lake
wildfires. (Anita Bathe/CBC)

Though the chance of lightning strikes has diminished, hot, dry
conditions could stoke existing fires, Skrepnek said.

"We might not necessarily be seeing as many new fires starting on a
day-to-day basis with that lightning starting to die out, but with the
weather that we've got in the forecast, these fires are likely going
to remain quite active," he said.

* The B.C. Wildfire Service estimates about a third of the 1,468
wildfires in the province since April 1 have been caused by
human activity.

* The B.C. Wildfire Service said 25 fires are currently burning in
the Cassiar fire zone, including the Alkali and Elbow Lake

* The most significant fire in B.C. remains the Snowy Mountain
fire, covering more than 120 square kilometres - roughly the
area of the City of Vancouver. It did not grow overnight.

* The Alkali Lake blaze is just one of 9 wildfires in a complex
burning near Telegraph Creek and Dease Lake. Another is the
South Stikine River fire, which jumped the river on Mon and
is now estimated at 6,000 hectares, or 60 square kilometres.

* On Sun, the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine ordered the
evacuation of Telegraph Creek and the surrounding areas due to
the Alkali Lake fire, which is now 7,800 hectares (78 square
kilometres) in size and growing. This order affects around 300
residents. Firefighters said they made little progress on the
fire Mon.

* Homes in the Elbow Lake area were also ordered evacuated because
of the Elbow Lake fire, which covers almost 670 hectares (6.7
square kilometres).

* The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako also issued an
evacuation order Sun evening for 2 properties near Tchentlo
Lake, north of Burns Lake, which are threatened by the Purvis
Lake wildfire.

* Highway 51 is currently closed from Dease Lake to Telegraph
Creek Road due to wildfire.

* Campfire bans are in effect across the entire province except in
the Prince George area.

Evacuation orders and alerts:

For the latest wildfire information, visit:

B.C. Wildfire Service
Emergency Info B.C.

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Assaad Razzouk @AssaadRazzouk 06 Aug 2018 18:27Z
Human activity is causing cancer in many species of #wildlife - and this
effect is greatly underestimated: Study reveals that 27% of Beluga whales
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late Paleocene and early Eocene epochs. "[T]he temperatures they
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ways these ancient worlds are not analogs to our own. We have to be
careful when making comparisons between the two.... But artificially
jam enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and [David Naafs, an
organic geochemist at the University of Bristol] thinks that many of
the wildest features of the early age of mammals could be recreated."
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The scorching #heatwave in Europe continues ## This #map shows all-time
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B.C. Wildfires 2018: Local state of emergency declared on Vancouver
Personnel from Mexico and New Zealand flying in to support efforts as
wildfire season heats up
CBC News
06 Aug 2018 11:04 AM PT
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Jul 6, 2018 - RCMP task force finds 29 Okanagan, B.C. wildfires over four years were arson. SURREY, B.C. — An RCMP task force says 29 wildfires are believed to have been deliberately set in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley over the last four years.