Only Praise For Our Fuehrer! Trump Threatens To 'Take Away Media's Credentials' Over Negative News Stories About Him! Seig Heil!!
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Gunner Asch
2018-05-12 07:03:30 UTC
On Sat, 12 May 2018 01:52:35 +0000 (UTC), AlleyCat
Licensing reporters? Simply show each lie. We have more than enough
gov workers to open up the Lying MSM Hotline..and for every lie tney
spew out..simply post the proofs and derision. Every day/24-7

Before long..they will either clean up their acts or go out of
business. CNN is almost out of business now.


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In Crowd
2018-05-12 14:47:08 UTC
Post by Gunner Asch
On Sat, 12 May 2018 01:52:35 +0000 (UTC), AlleyCat
Licensing reporters? Simply show each lie.
Good idea.

Mark R. Wieber (a.k.a. Gunner) Cliff Notes Version 13

Version 13 expands on Wieber's tall tales about military service, adds
some examples of Wieber's creative writing, includes new claims about
gang membership and "leftist" attempts to hack his computer, and
details some of his hilarious statements about his "company" rates and

Below is a collection of links and quotes describing infamous Usenet
troll and death warrant issuer Mark. R. Wieber, a.ka. Gunner or Gunner

Wieber has been posting to Usenet since the mid '90s, usually
thousands of times per month. (links to some of his profiles)
His habit is to write tall tales to top anyone he's debating. If his
opponent dares dispute any of the delusions then Wieber follows up
with ever more elaboration and exaggeration. He frequently promises to
put his critics on "the list" so that they will be "hung from lamp
posts" during "the great cull" which is perennially just over the

"In less than 3 yrs..the People will kill most/all Leftwingers in an
event known as the Great Cull." (2009)

"Because when your death arrives in about 2 yrs..maybe less..the
moments of sheer terror you will experience will be absolutely
marvelous to behold. I hope someone sends me a video tape of your
ending as you are butchered." (2010)

<When will the shooting begin?>
"Late summer" (2012)

"The Great Cull will do just that after all the gun grabbers and
mentally ill Leftwingers are killed and bulldozed into mass graves in
the very very near future." (2013)
This tactic is usually accompanied by multiple
detailed descriptions of gory deaths.
"When the People drag you out and hang you from a bit of barbed wire
after kicking you off a lawn chair..Ill be very happy. In fact..I hope
the doers send me a video clip of your ending. Knowing you were
disposed of, along with the many thousands of your bretheren..and
knowing that you will be gone into a mass grave somewhere along with
the rest of the trash who have tried so hard to ruin America..will
allow me to believe that America will indeed survive."

Wieber likes to fantasize about killing. This example includes a very
lengthy description of impalement.
(sample snippets) "So there you are...10 or so feet up in the
air..with a sharp stake up your ass and as time goes by...it pushes
deeper and deeper into your body cavity..any organs that arent pushed
aside..are punctured as you slowly..very slowly slide down the stake"
"Think of the stink that 20,000 writhing, twisting, squirming, wailing
and screaming Leftwingers would make. Glorious! Absolutely

Spiritual Wieber

"Im Rensai Buddhist. We are the Buddhists that get to kill bad

Killer Buddhist Wieber's idea of who is "bad."

"wacking leftists is a patriotic duty."

"So we simply kill them all and periodically weed out those who show a
preference for mental illness and Socialism."

"Kill the leftists. Its the only way."

"Ive not gutted anyone in a number of years, and Id love to see if I
can still make a man scream as I cut out his guts"

Wieber buries disagreeable visitors with his invisible backhoe!

"I have some of the prettiest places to take people and move them into
their new digs. And a backhoe to do it properly."

"So when can I expect to need to fire up the backhoe? You have my
address, so bring it on. Now...do you want a northern exposure or a
southern one?"

"my backhoe is fueled!"

The invisible backhoe is stored at Wieber's sinking "high desert"

"My place is at 1953' " 2011

"Actually Im at 1405 feet" 2012

The indisputable reality is low desert, 1032'.
Photos of Wieber

He occasionally posts photos of himself in his clown costumes.
Presumably he imagines it will scare readers into believing he might
shoot them from miles away.

The reality is that he's a Usenet Walter Mitty whose main talent is
slowly culling himself by way of copious infusions of nicotine and
Mountain Dew. He'd have died years ago if not for multiple rescues by
the social welfare system he despises.

The Wieber Inc. company conference table.

The corporate pool in the shop basement.

Taxpayers have to save Wieber from the inevitable result of his
lifestyle of heavy smoking, soda and junk food . But he can still do
one handed pullups!

Wieber likes to pretend that he lives on ranch acreage, prepared to
survive the apocalypses he constantly warns everyone to fear.
The build-up!!!

"3/4 of an acre"

"I own an acre"

"Several acres"

"the empty lot I own to the left. I also own the lot on the
other side of the alley." "Im going to put up a 30x50 steel
building on the empty lot to the left of the house."

"the other two lots that I own..right next to mine..and behind mine."

"I own a quarter of an entire block"

"I should mention I now have my very own 2500 sq ft warehouse with a 6
Ton over head crane to store Stuff in <G> 2 blocks from my home. With
3 phase."

The let-down :(

"I lease proprety around me."

"Ive got an empty lot beside me that I have permission from the owner"

The Reality

One small .16 acre city lot with a shabby mobile home and tons of
http://goo.gl/maps/TEXoU Google street view
County property record, showing decades long struggle to make $100
payments, resulting in many thousands of unpaid taxes and late fees.
(If the link doesn't work, search for 326 Olive, Taft, ATN

Wieber's treasures overflow onto neighbor's lot that Wieber previously
claimed to own.

"So this morning..she shows up with 2 deputies and advises me that I
have until 2pm Wed afternoon (24 hrs) to clean the lot off else Id be
cited for "illegally dumping" and the county would clean off the lot."

Wieber claims to be very skilled at many trades. He also insists he's
a hard worker despite the obvious contradiction with all the posting.

"Ive got hummm...3-4 Associates Degrees"

"I repair machinery in machine shops for $75hr, $25hr travel time
(portal to portal) and $0.50 a mile out and back. And Im one of the
cheap guys. And I weld too."

"I made $4k in the last two weeks. Net I own my own company"

And yet there are a few <ahem> minor contradictions.
"My medical bills? What medical bills? I filed Bankruptcy a couple
months ago. Phoof! All gone!"

"Ive already talked to the IRS about the issue, as well as the
California Franchise Tax Board. They reviewed the data..and gave me a
thumbs up. Since my total assests are less than $60k..home included
...they have Zip interest in taking me to court.

The evidence is 30 years of liens and judgments.
http://tinyurl.com/d7hkkp http://tinyurl.com/l68gh3

Wieber's services are in such great demand that "clients" pay him >$40
per hour for driving time and expenses required for him to commute to
"I get $75 an hour, .55 cents a mile out and back, and $25/hr
travel time."

At 913 miles per day! the driving alone should pay off handsomely

"Ive never had a car accident in 30 yrs/10 million miles of driving"

Oops, driving tired leads to income shrinkage and inability to use a

"Last year..and yes..I do bill $75 an hour, plus travel and mileage as
noted..I grossed..grossed $27k before expenses."

Wieber pretends to be a P.E.

"Son....its called California Advertising. Half the companies out
here dont have a degree. Just someone who owns it good enough to pass
the tests."

Wieber later decides that his "California advertising" was actually
the result of a mysterious fraud!
"It was fascinating though to backtrack who put PE on my "resume" on a
very obscure engineers registry though. A registry that Id never heard
of before the State of California brought it to my attention. A
registry that promptly corrected some ones attempt at fraud..and gave
the information visa Avis the IP address of the party who did
it. Which I still have..as does the State of California."

Sexual Prowess

"While I once got paid to do a porn..it was over 30 yrs ago..and I
kept my socks on."
One of Wieber's many descriptions of sexual conquest and expertise,
this time dating a black Victoria's Secret model.

"I was banging my babysitter when I was 11"

His charming description of one of his secret techniques, wherein he
names his victim.

"Reminds me of Barbara Jenkins. I finally had to teach her the joys
of doing it face down. Then she only clawed the pillows to ragged
debris rather than my back. Ive still got scars 25 yrs later"

"My ol lady likes to get fucked in the ass now and then, and my
girlfriend can suck a dick like a vacuum cleaner"

"The day after I got home from the bypass..I nailed the old lady for 2
hours, going easy of course..still had 174 staples in me. After they
pulled the staples..I nailed one of the lady friends for at least a
couple hours. A good time was had by all."

Listen up ladies: if you find teeth a turn-off then Wieber's your man.

"Im not ashamed to state that I have 9 teeth left. (9)"

Wieber's chronicle of the years 1976-2000. Unrequited love, wife and
kid from hell, trash and bills "sneaking" up for years, etc. In his
own words "disgusting."

Wieber's detailed description of his Friends List, a personal army of
"computer wienies," ready to track down his online enemies so that his
other friends can execute the offenders, yada yada.

One of the above mentioned friends, and Wieber's most loyal sycophant
and defender for many years, the fearsome Tom Gardner. (the walrus
shaped one)
Loading Image...

Wieber, confused veteran

Born Nov. 11, 1953

"Graduates" high school (1970)
"Because fuckwit..I graduated at 16 and a half"


"went into the military after I graduated"

"I was in from 71-73. ... I went in when I was 17. Though my birth
certificate said I was 19"

but also...

Graduates high school in 1971 Attends college in 1971 and 1974

Fortunately, identity theft solved time travel confusion

"So I pulled a name off a tombstone, got a birth cert..joined up."

Another version of his story of serving in Vietnam despite the fact
that he was too young to have enlisted.

VA is "helpful" abouit identity theft (2010)

<So you have a DD-214?>
"Of course I do. However its not in my "actual" name. And its tucked
neatly in a footlocker sitting in a cabinet in my dads basement.
And yes..Ive made inquiries to the VA about the situation. They have
been helpful."

VA is a bitch (2009)

"I wasnt particularly happy with the VA in 1973....wasnt really happy
with the VA in 84...never bothered to go back. No need to. Now Ive got
leftards to take care of me, without any problems whatsoever.

Alternate IDs? No problem for the amazing Wieber!

"In fact..I have, quite legally, 3 other packages of ID, all in
different names etc etc, that I keep current. All quite legal, as Im
sure you know. Someday..one might have/want/need to take off into the
wild blue yonder. The only hard part is fingerprints."

Some of his explanations for not producing his service

"Id have to drive back to my Dads place in Michigan, and dig an old
footlocker out of my piles of stuff to get the dd-214. Its not like I
have a lot of use for it."

"Ayup. Id certainly need to get one. Gonna be in another
Assuming I wanted to open that can of worms again.
So Ill just hang in there and let the Democrats pay my bills.
Works for me!"

Additional accomplishments as a juvenile

"I met Janis that weekend. (March '68) Fugs, Cream, Animals, Byrds etc
etc etc over the next few years. Met most of the big Names in the next
3 yrs"

"Which is why I got to march with Dr King in Detroit in June of
1963..at the age of almost..10."

Name an occupation and Wieber will claim to have substantial
experience. The trouble is that after so many hundreds of thousands of
posts he can't possibly keep track of who he's one-upped, including

The amazing Deputy Pinocchio story

"I dabbled as a reserve Deputy for a couple years"

"a reserve Deputy at night (two years)"

"Worked for 5 yrs as a reserve Sheriff's Deputy"

"I was a Deputy for several years in the 70s"

"8 yrs on the street as a cop"

"a number of years as a Deputy Sheriff..and have done bounty hunting
on and off for many years"

"And Ive known drug dealers for 30 yrs. Most of them are dead or in
prison. Ive arrested some 2500 or more of them over the years."

At some point Wieber decided he'd been a paramedic as well.

"As an ex paramedic"

"Blacksmithing, animal husbandry, "handy man", paramedic, armorer"

"Ive been..in Real Life(tm)...everything from a pulp cutter
(lumberjack), to fishing guide, deputy sheriff, Army Ranger, alarm
company Sr. Engineer, Ham Radio hobbyist, CB radio tech, commerical
photographer, competative marksman and pistol combat shooter,
gunsmith, paramedic and a host of other things both as a living and as

Wieber demonstrates his writing chops
"visa versa"

Biker gang member Wieber. Is there anything he HASN'T been?
"I rode with a gang for a very short time. Until they got doped up
and decided that the bank in the next town was open and available for
a sudden and unexpected withdrawal. At which point..I removed my
colors, got on my panhead and mosied on down the road."

Leftist hackers will never infiltrate Wieber's computer

"Ive had a number of computer attacks by actual people over the
years..typically leftwingers (all unsucessful) so I keep my security a
bit tighter than most folks do."

Wieber's life is better than yours.

"When was the last time you attended a Black Tie dinner function with
the president of a Fortune 500 Company? Last year for me. When was the
last time you sat down over pizza and discussed the
economy with a world class economist? Last month, for me."

"I own my own business doing engineering etc etc."

"I can high kick a light bulb out of an 8 ft ceiling fixture"

History Student Wieber

"Gunner, who IS a student of military history and war"

"eff..stick with Blackstone, ok? Its a bit late to be catching up with
military history. Ive been a student of it for well over 30 yrs"

"Gunner, student of history"

"Though I AM a student of history"

"Im also a student of not only military history, but geopolitical

<drum roll...>

"Hitler was a Socialist/Fascist just like US liberals"
Wieber NEVER stops working (lying).

"In the past 40 yrs..I think Ive been unemployed for a total of
hummm...6 days."

"Ive only been unemployed for about 3 months"

All that working, paychecks not so much.

"So I went dumpster diving. And I sat in a house with no gas or
electricity and ate my dumpster food, and shared it with my dogs and
cats. We all were happy to have food. For two weeks."

Do not cross Wieber, he has an army of lawyers ready to issue a

"Im sure your provider is going to be real happy to get a phone call
from me, my lawyer, and a couple other folks whom carry a bit of
weight" (2007)

"My lawyer hates reading between the lines" (2010)

"Im a big fan of turning them over to the cops along with a signed
statement (having my Lawyer draw it up and deliver it)" (2010)

"My lawyer will be sending you a summins in the next few weeks or so"

Marksman Wieber

"Shooting a coyote in the head at 75 yrd with a handgun is dead

"In my circle..we dont bother to take out a rifle until the range to
ground squirrels gets past 175-200 yrds."

"I drag out the rifles when the ranges go over 250 meters when varmint

"...but Ive trained (and actually survived) multiple
targets/assailents, armed with a variety of weapons, over the years.
Ive been shot, stabbed, bayoneted, blown up, bucked off, run over,
thiumped on, clubbed, smashed bashed and generally been abused...but
while Im not as fast as I used to be...I can still punch a .45 round
into multiple targets while keeping at least 2 pieces of brass in the
air at the same time I shot in a combat match Sept 7th of this
year..they put me in with the active military and active police
shooters and I took 1st place. Got yet another dust collector to try
to find a place for. 5 falling plates at 15 yrds in 2.01 seconds.
Slow as molasses for a hot shooter..slow as hell for me in my
prime...but still faster than 99.999 people on the street And that
was not having competed in several years, cold off the street, with my
daily gun and old ammo grabbed out of the junk self. I ran the course
again with a .41 Magnum, full house loads..and my best time was 2.51
seconds. Shrug...one doesnt think..one simply does..muscle memory
does the rest. After shooting at least 1 million rounds out of
handguns alone over the past 30 yrs...."

Wieber's even more amazing friends

"A buddy of mine (Ranger) killed a deer once on a $100 bet, with a
ball pein hammer."

Wieber, Macho Mitty. Bears and boar, watch out!

"From about 20 feet. Not a baited bear or dog run bear either. I snuck
up her fair and square. But then..I was used to hunting far more
dangerous game."
"how about wild boar with a bowie knife? Been there, done that."

"the last two wild boar and the last 3 deer I harvested were with
handguns. Oh..and second and third elk I took were with handguns."

"I took a boar with an obsidian tipped spear once. "

"I competed in several pistol competitions and came in 2nd and 3rd,
which included reloading both revolvers and semiautos and killed,
butchered and packed out a number of wild boar with one arm."

Wieber is indestructible!

Ive been treated for injuries as a result of rodeo, motorcycles,
knives, explosive devices, assault. aircraft crashes and motor vehicle

The stupendous Wieber tops world records!

264 mph motorcycle

42 knot Hobie Cat

2 foot centipede

Drives 10 million miles <913 miles every day for 30 years>

Only 1 million on "scooters" though.

Self professed animal lover.

Except for beating one dog.
"What he seemed to have a handled on was smoking my cigarrettes, and
guzzling energy drinks like a speed freak when he wasn't downing
Mountain Dew or beating his dog"

And hanging another from a choker chain. A redneck classic.

Wieber's funniest lies.

"I never lie"

"I never lie"

"I lied about who I was and how old I was"

<Readers, cage your irony meters>

"I can say with a clear conscience that I dont lie. And I dont.
Ive made a point of it for most of my life. Ever since I discovered
its far far to difficult to remember which lies one tells which person
and it comes back and bites you in the ass."

And in case you couldn't guess, here are some of his IQ stories.

"mid 150s"

"In 1971, I was given a battery of tests at Michigan Tech University
(Houghton) and after some head scratching, the chief of testing
declared I had an IQ of 157. They wrote several articles on the
subject and published them somewhere."


Wieber was/wasn't a Mensa member.

"Was asked to join Mensa, but didnt (proves Im smart) " 2001

"Mensa? Been there, done that." 2009

"Certainly not the same Mensa that I belonged to." 2013

Wieber hates/loves the Wieber Cliff Notes.

"A great set up for court!!"

("summins" must be enroute via turtle express)

"a pretty good listing of my accomplishments"