July 2018: Arctic sea ice volume 10309 km3 #6/41 (av thickness ~1.25m) #4: PIOMAS
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2018-08-06 08:41:59 UTC
UW has released the data for Julys Arctic sea ice volume estimate.

July 2018 has come in at 10309 km3 which is the 6th-lowest for the month in
the data series.

The top10 lowest Arctic sea ice volumes are now:

Year Month Vol (000s km3)
2017 7 9.141
2012 7 9.264
2011 7 9.546
2010 7 10.244
2016 7 10.257
2018 7 10.309
2013 7 10.538
2015 7 11.649
2014 7 11.951
2007 7 12.119

From the sea ice extent released by NOAA a few days back and PIOMAS ice volume we can estimate an
"average thickness".

July 2018 comes in at 1.2541 m "avg thickness" over the area of Arctic
sea ice, making it the 4th-lowest reading for the month in the sat-based

The top10 lowest sea ice thicknesses are now:

2017 1.1513
2012 1.2078
2011 1.2365
2018 1.2541 <-- new #4
2010 1.2694
2016 1.2918
2013 1.2962
2015 1.3901
2014 1.4736
2009 1.5151

No surprise the rankings of ice thickness estimates and avg global temps
are closely related. We should also note the ranking of thickness is
closer to data series with good polar representations (e.g. NASA's
GISTEMP or Cowtan & Way's adjusted HadCRUT) rather than series
with poor polar representations (e.g. Hadley's HadCRUT).

Assaad Razzouk @AssaadRazzouk 05 Aug 2018 12:42Z
Meanwhile In China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, rainfall reached 110
mm in 1 hour (v. previous highest recorded level of 52.4 mm); floodwater
breached a reservoir designed to withstand 300-year floods;8,700 houses
damaged; at least 20 dead buff.ly/2LQ8x9D #climate
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Trump admits his son met with Russians in 2016 to gather information on Clinton
ABC News, 06 Aug 2018
Donald Trump's Twitter post is his most direct statement on the purpose of
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Investigate NRA's role in Russia scandal
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel, 30 Jul. 2018
Although unnamed, Butina was also assisted in her efforts by a US
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[Yes, folks, US politicians taking NRA money may have been working for
Russia all along].

NWS Pendleton @NWSPendleton 05 Aug 2018 15:09Z
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Hayne blame game: banks' misconduct to blame for confidence slump, not
royal commission
ABC Analysis, 06 Aug 2018
The quiet but concerted campaign to ensure the royal commission into the
banks is stopped in its tracks follows a perverse logic that ignores it was
Australia's banks that caused the sector's reputational damage, not the
exposure, writes Ian Verrender.

Super trustees 'left alone in the dark with our money'
ABC News, 06 Aug 2018
The banking royal commission is shifting its focus to superannuation,
looking at how funds' structures and governance arrangements may lead to
poor outcomes for savers.

Centrelink payment rise would be 'equal to cost of one submarine'
ABC News, 06 Aug 2018
Campaigners for an increase to Newstart payments say an extra $75 per week
for South Australian jobseekers would equal the annual cost of one of the
nation's new submarines.

Sea Shepherd sets sights on stopping Adani coal mine
ABC News, 06 Aug 2018
The conservation group is training its sights on campaigning to stop Adani's
Carmichael coal project but Federal MP George Christensen says the activists
should "stick to what they know".

NWS @NWS 06 Aug 2018 04:08Z
Dangerous Hurricane Hector, a category 4 storm with 140 mph winds is
expected to track west and pass south of the Big Island of Hawaii midweek.
Gusty winds, rough surf, coastal flooding, and rip currents can be expected.

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 06 Aug 2018 06:11Z
India's heaviest current monsoon rain floods West Bengal

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 06 Aug 2018 06:11Z
Tropical Storm Ileana runs up the Pacific coast of Mexico

Al Jazeera Weather @AJEWeather 06 Aug 2018 06:11Z
Typhoon Shanshan continues on course for Tokyo, Japan

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Wally W.
2018-08-06 10:47:02 UTC
Post by M***@kymhorsell.com
UW has released the data for Julys Arctic sea ice volume estimate.
July 2018 has come in at 10309 km3 which is the 6th-lowest for the month in
the data series.
... that hillBillyBot tabulated *all* the way back to 2007.

That's 6th-lowest out of the 12 values listed ... aka: right in the
middle of the sample.

How shocking!! /sarc