Heartland Institute Provides Science to EPA to Back Up Pruitt’s Climate Change Views
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2018-06-08 21:22:12 UTC
The Heartland Institute today shipped copies of the

Climate Change Reconsidered series of reports to

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

2018-06-09 21:04:53 UTC
Biggest bunch of shit ever, that principles of AGW have wormed their way into US law.

First, the idea of GHGs is an archaic idea from pre-science, abandoned with proper theory and laboratory science.

Proof of this is James Hansen doctoral thesis of 1967, in which he defined a thermodynamic analysis of Venus, in which the higher than expected temperatures are supposedly the result of dust particles trapping microwaves and in which he states that co2 is INERT to the calculations.

The concept of GHGs was not part of science at this time, regardless of how often the lie is told that it is 'fundamental' to proper science.

Simple analysis of other gsses shows them not to be transparent to infrared radiation, as they must be to define 'greenhouse gases'. The scientific community has no interest in this simplse direct science, or are scared to death to mention such a thing and be called, 'deniers'.

Then this asshole several years later, after his theory was rejected by the theoretical schools in favor of the co2 theory, is proud of being the pioneer of the idea that methane, at 1400 parts per BILLION, is important in earth's thermodynamics, and that human emissions of methane play a critical role.

And with NO SUBSTANTIATED DIRECT SCIENCE, upon his analysis only, his submissions to the IPPC are regarded as the science upon which the EPA base their findings of harm in US law.

Then the greenies have wormed their position into US law. Their's is rhe burden of proof. To accost Pruit that his statement that human activity is not the driver of climate, is to evade THEIR burden of proof, which at thjs point is only based on the OPINION AND BELIEF of some, educated and faithfully repeating what they are told to get accreditation.

The words 'carbon dioxide' were included in the 1970 clean air act. The greenies sued the Bush adm for the EPA to 'regulate' co2.

With inadequate defense or scientific definitions, the Supreme Court ruled that the way the law was written, the EPA could enforce 'regulation', or emissions controls by economic strangulation of carbon tax.

Then, stuffed in the back of the 2007 omnibus spending bill, authorization was given to the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide.

Even when dems had super majority, they didn't have the votes to bring to the floor, or pass regulations. No overview or analysis from representatives of the people, or scientists concerned with the accuracy of the theoretical science, conclusions and predictions.

So Obama, and the scientists of the EPA, do their end run around the democratic process with the executive fiat of the Clean Energy Act, and unilaterally signs on and is even the principle organizer of the clearly FRAUDULENT Paris Accord.

Thank God the Supreme Court turned Obama's hideous assault upon the well being and survival of the US back to lower court on the ground that the benifit was far outweighed by detrimental effects and cost.

Greenies using their legal precedent they have so far, to intimidate and control policy, is building on a house of cards which cannot sustain in direct confrontation.

They've already destroyed the lives and killed coal minors with their complete bogus claim of working for the common benifit by reducing or revoking the rights of the individual.

How many people must die before these worms are taken seriously and confronted directly for their fraud and unwarrented AGGRESSION.
2018-06-11 13:20:50 UTC
Ice cores and analysis for 650,000 have been collected.

A simple graph of this entire period shows correlation to temperature and co2. But a closer look and analysis clearly shows the co2, lagging the temperature by about 1000 yrs.

Algore used this large graph to claim evidence of co2 driving the climate. In the propaganda lawsuit against him in Britain, the judge ruled that he was in contradiction to established science in his statements in this part of his movie.

All studies show this lag, including close examination of last 100,000 yrs, the warmup at 18,000 yrs, the marked warm-up of 12000 yrs and the Holocene of 8000 yrs, or the warmest point of this interglacial period, in which tempertures were àbove 2C of the 1950 'mean'. Temperatures are well below this level of Holocene.

That air concentrations of co2 change with changing temperature, is easily explained by basic chemistry of partial pressure between air and ocean, and perhaps effect on circulation of currents. There are MASSSIVE amounts of carbon at the bottom of the ocean, with very little oxygen.

What the lag shows, is that temperature begins rising for some other reason than co2. When the co2 begins to rise, no effect upon temperature graph can be detected.

When temperature begins to fall, co2 continues to rise for 1000 yrs. Clearly in these regions co2 is NOT DRIVING TEMPERATURES. At points then, temperature does an uptick, while co2 is still falling.

The nature and process of greenie science is to hide and exclude studies which show no evidence that co2 is driving climate at all. Damn sure don't see the graph that shows temperatures going off the charts through the 90s and then becoming DEAD FLAT for the past 20 yrs, with a gradient of about 0.15 degC, PER CENTURY.

In law, ommision of perinent fact is fraud.
In law the term 'PROOF' has meaning, although in academic theoretics it has been eliminated.

The academics should be held accountable for every scrap of their submissions, past and present and their pertinent OMISSIONS, and put their name on it.