fossils are on life support: china has invested $2.9 tr in renewables
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2019-03-13 06:41:41 UTC
Global Green Energy Investment Increased in 2017 - RDMag.com


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Extreme weather: Australia's insurance red zones set to expand
ABC/Digital Story Innovation Team, 12 Mar 2019 19:07Z
Extreme weather in some of the country's worst-affected regions is now twice
as common as usual. Explore the data to see the risk to your area.

NWS @NWS 12 Mar 2019 19:15Z
Replying to @NWS
One example of the expected river flooding, is this forecast for Brownsville,
Nebraska, along the Missouri River. Notice the near-record crest there is
currently forecast to occur Sun evening. Check other points at
go.usa.gov/xEAJR pic.twitter.com/GUmYOcH50e

Brexit in tatters as MPs overwhelmingly reject Theresa May's EU divorce deal
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ABC News, 13 Mar 2019
The British Prime Minister suffers a second crushing defeat of her maligned
Brexit withdrawal deal, plunging the United Kingdom into further uncertainty
over how it will leave the European Union.

BREAKING NEWS: Cardinal George Pell has been sentenced to 6 years in
prison for the sexual abuse of 2 choir boys in the 1990s.

Central US 'bomb cyclone' to generate blizzard, flooding and severe storms
Chicago Tribune, 12 Mar 2019 21:15Z
An unusually strong late-winter storm is predicted to intensify explosively
in the western Plains on Tue into Wed, unleashing flooding rains,
severe ...

Thousands quarantined at immigration centers amid rare mumps outbreak
Axios, 12 Mar 2019 21:20Z
More than 2,200 people have been quarantined as a result of exposure to
mumps at 2 immigration detention centers in Colorado and Louisiana, according to ...

Hollywood stars among dozens charged over US college bribery scam
ABC News, 12 Mar 2019 21:59Z
Federal authorities arrest dozens of people over a $35 mn scheme to
help wealthy Americans, including Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman
and Full House actress Lori Loughlin, cheat their children's way into elite

One mn kangaroos die in ongoing Victorian pet food trial, report finds
ABC Goulburn Murray, 12 Mar 2019 23:57Z
An internal Government report finds its kangaroo pet food trial is
compromised by profit motives and malpractice, with fears the animals were
being harvested unsustainably.

Voters being turned away from NSW pre-poll stations after computer problem
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019
Hundreds of voters are turned away from pre-poll stations across the
state after a problem with the Electoral Commission's computers, ahead
of the NSW election on March 23.

'Don't sink, don't sink!': US pilots report separate 737 MAX nosedives
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019
NASA data reveals that 2 pilots on separate occasions had to
manually override the Boeing 737 MAX's automated controls after their
planes dived suddenly during flight.
[Other pilots in the air at the time say the pilot of the stricken
aircraft complained to the tower of "irregular speed problems"].

Trump's goose now cooked like Al Capone's taxes, says top lawyer
MSNBC.com, 13 Mar 2019 0:12Z

Elizabeth Warren's attack on Facebook deleted, then restored, by social
media giant
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019 01:10Z
Facebook backflips on its decision to remove a series of advertisements
posted by Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who has vowed
to break up America's biggest technology companies.

Murray-Darling Basin debate gives rise to new voices of desperation and despair
ABC/Vic Country Hour, 13 Mar 2019 02:08Z
Sick of watching farmers fail, shops close and real estate signs up, new
Victorian groups rally in the southern Murray-Darling Basin to fight for
their survival.

Two more building companies face collapse amid national housing downturn
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019 03:07Z
Two South Australian building companies are facing collapse as pressure from
the national housing downturn continues, with one subcontractor telling the
ABC he is selling his house to keep afloat.

Amid Dropping Sales, Dick's Doubles Down On Ditching Guns
The Daily Wire, 13 Mar 2019 03:18Z
After the Parkland shooting in Feb 2018, Dick's Sporting Goods
announced that it was making some big changes involving gun sales.

Dick's will remove hunting rifles from 125 stores
Yahoo Finance, 12 Mar 2019 17:18Z
After Dick's Sporting Goods saw prior success with removing hunting gear
from 10 stores, it plans to remove hunting gear from 125 additional stores.

'Tangled mess of twisted iron': Shed fire kills 8,000 chickens
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019 04:06Z
Only a "handful" of birds escape after a fire kills 8,000 chickens at a
family-owned business near Launceston in Tasmania.

[Conman's Progress:]
Palmer's nickel refinery under scrutiny over widespread safety concerns
ABC/7.30, 13 Mar 2019 05:22Z
Documents obtained by 7.30 under Right to Information raise serious safety
and maintenance concerns about Clive Palmer's Townsville nickel refinery,
which he is promising to reopen.

High Court awards NT native title holders $2.5m, partly for 'spiritual harm'
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019 05:38Z
In a precedent-setting decision the High Court rules on how native title
holders should be compensated for the extinguishment of their rights,
including economic loss and spiritual connection to land.

Honda and Acura Recall 1.1 Million Vehicles for Yet Another Takata Air Bag Issue
Jalopnik, 12 Mar 2019 22:10Z
Recalls for Takata air-bag inflators with the potential to explode and spew
shrapnel, and the more than 20 fatalities associated with them, have long
outlasted ...

Pessimists back in charge as weak growth sinks consumer confidence
ABC News, 13 Mar 2019 00:35Z
Another day, another poor piece of economic data. Consumers now have an
increasingly grim view of the economic outlook, which could further pressure
on the struggling retail sector.

Exxon, Chevron planning big expansions in shale drilling, a move which could
shake up the industry
CNBC, 11 Mar 2019
Big oil is getting even bigger in shale, and that could speed up a shakeout
among independents and force more mergers and joint ventures.

VW says it accelerates plan for 22 mn electric vehicles in 10 yrs as
part of decarbonization plan
Electrek, 12 Mar 2019 13:10Z
Volkswagen announced today its intention to accelerate its electrification
effort as part of its decarbonization plan by adding 20 more "electric models"
to its ...
2019-03-13 07:42:14 UTC
Meanwhile, overseas:

What’s the link to Climate Change: Since 2000, China has been significantly increasing its investments across Africa, particularly in Energy. Data from Boston University researcher Kevin P Gallagher shows that Chinese-backed Overseas investments in Fossil Fuels have totalled $165 billion around the world. This is 27x bigger than Non-Hydro Renewablesduring the same period.
JTEM is Remarkably Flexible
2019-03-13 16:01:43 UTC
We've all seen the stories about how China has under reported it's
coal use, and violated the CFC ban, yet without China's full
cooperation & commitment you can't even meet your own terribly
inadequate goals.

It's ridiculous.

China didn't even rate back in the 1980s, when the Global Warming
mantra was already in full swing, yet today Chinese emissions
surpass all of U.S. emissions PLUS all of Europes emissions...

REMEMBER: According to "Climate Change" gospels the earth
had already reached the "Global Warming" tipping point in the
1800s. Man Made Global Warming was already occurring, past tense,
BEFORE the 20th century. And yet, today, we have subsidized China's
growth so much that the entire United States could be beamed to
Mars, eliminating 100% of our emissions, PLUS all of Europe could
be beamed to Mars, eliminating 100% of their emissions yet China
would more than make up the difference!

So, even if we wanted to pretend that any of the fossil fuel CONSERVATION
EFFORTS would have any impact what so ever on CO2, all it would or
could result in is a slight postponement...

...never mind the fact that removing all the sulfur & soot from the
atmosphere, which fossil fuels put there, could only ever WARM the planet.
The sulfur bounces the sun's energy back into space, reducing the
amount reaching us, while all the soot -- particle pollution, "Particulates"
-- shade the earth, keeping what sunlight that isn't bounced away from
reaching the surface.

-- --