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EU climate law could cause 'catastrophic' deforestation
New research published in the journal Nature Communications says that
the EU's renewable energy directive could, reports the Guardian, "suck
in as much imported wood as Europe harvests each year because it will
count energy created from the burning of whole trees as 'carbon
neutral'". Prof Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, one of the authors, says the
risk of the directive encouraging tree clearances and the
"destruction" of global carbon sinks was now "extremely high". He
tells the Guardian: "This amounts to sawing off the branch on which
humanity sits." The Times says: "The EU recently revised its energy
policy in an effort to double the use of renewable sources by
2030. Against the advice of 100s of scientists who said that the
move would accelerate climate change, they created new incentives to
view wood as a low-carbon fuel." The use of wood to fuel power plants
could cause EU energy emissions to rise by 10% or more by 2050,
cancelling out declines achieved with solar or wind power, the study
says. The Independent also carries the story. Last Dec, Carbon
Brief published a guest post on this topic by Prof Sir John
Beddington, the UK govt's chief scientific adviser between 2008
and 2013. -- Arthur Neslen, The Guardian

Global investors launch campaign to tackle climate change
The Daily Telegraph reports that "some of the world's biggest
investment houses controlling $30tn (£23tn) worth of funds have agreed
to join forces to put pressure on govts to tackle climate
change". It adds: "Investors such as Aviva, Schroders and Legal &
General Investment Management will lobby govts around the world
to adhere to the promises they made to tackle pollution in the Paris
Agreement on climate change. UK pension funds representing
organisations and companies such as the BBC, HSBC, Transport for
London, Bedford Borough Council and the Environmental Agency, are also
taking part in the campaign." The campaign is part of the Global
Climate Action Summit taking place in San Francisco this week.
-- Helen Chandler-Wilde, Daily Telegraph

Disappearing Swiss snow likely linked to global warming: study
Xinhue, China's state news agency, reports that scientists at the
University of Geneva have used a new tool known as the "Swiss Data
Cube" to show that Switzerland's disappearing snow is "probably linked
to global warming". The report says: "The study found that between
1995 and 2005 areas with little or no snow with between 0 and 20%
probability of snowfall covered 36% of the territory, and this spread
to 44% between 2005 and 2017. That was an increase of 5,200km2, which
the report said is well beyond any margin of error." MailOnline also
covers the story. -- Xinhua

Even without the Trump administration, the US is upholding its
commitment to the Paris climate agreement
Jerry Brown, the governor of California, and Michael Bloomberg, the
UN's special envoy for climate action, are 2 of the 6 co-chairs of
the Global Climate Action Summit taking place in San Francisco this
week. In a joint op-ed in the LA Times, they write: "What happens in
Washington still matters, of course, and we need to vote out of office
those who refuse to recognise reality. But the American people are not
waiting on Washington to take action because the benefits are clear:
Businesses are saving money by investing in clean energy and
efficiency upgrades. Technology companies are making money by driving
down the cost of wind and solar. And cities and states are improving
public health by cleaning their air and strengthening their economies
by modernising their infrastructure." Separately, the Guardian covers
a report released at the summit which "sets out a roadmap that could
quicken that pace and cut carbon emissions to 24% below 2005 levels by
2025 in the absence of federal leadership".
-- Jerry Brown & Michael Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times

Can we still justify the environmental cost of air travel?
Michael Skapinker, the FT columnist on "business and society", says it
"wouldn't be right to continue this journey [writing about business
travel] without addressing the environmental cost of all this flying
around". But he is somewhat defeatist about the chances of addressing
the problem: "Air travel is an inescapable part of the global economy
that has provided so many with a better standard of living than their
forebears could have dreamt of. There are some problems without an
obvious solution. When it comes to air travel's environmental impact,
we may have to focus on incremental improvement." Meanwhile, the Daily
Telegraph reports on new research that shows that "British Airways is
the least fuel-efficient transatlantic airline - and Norwegian the
most". -- Michael Skapinker, Financial Times

Future response of global coastal wetlands to sea-level rise
Sea level rise may not lead to the widescale loss of coastal wetlands,
new research suggests. Contrary to previous studies, the research
finds that wetland losses as a result of sea level rise could be
limited to 0-30% by the end of the century. "Our simulations suggest
that the resilience of global wetlands is primarily driven by the
availability of accommodation space, which is strongly influenced by
the building of anthropogenic infrastructure in the coastal zone," the
authors say. "Rather than being an inevitable consequence of global
sea-level rise, our findings indicate that large-scale loss of coastal
wetlands might be avoidable." -- Nature

The climate effects of increasing ocean albedo: an idealised
representation of solar geoengineering
Cooling the Earth using marine cloud brightening - a form of solar
geoengineering whereby salt water spray would be used to increase the
reflectiveness of marine clouds - could cause global rainfall to
become more variable, a study finds. The researchers used a set of
global climate models to simulate the technique, which currently
remains hypothetical. It finds that using marine cloud brightening to
counter increases in atmospheric CO2 would particularly affect
tropical rainfall. -- Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Declining Oil and Rise in Renewables Opens Up Possibility for North
Sea Transition
Mike Small, DeSmogUK

Top green group to spend an unprecedented $60 mn on 2018 races
Dino Grandoni, Washington Post

The strange science of melting ice sheets: 3 things you didn't know
Lydia Smears & Pablo Gutiérrez, The Guardian

Can California Achieve a "Carbon Neutral" Economy?
Anne C Mulkern, E&E News via Scientific American

Report: 90 Percent of World's Largest 200 Industrial Firms Are Using
Trade Associations to Oppose Climate Policy
Chloe Farand, DeSmogBlog

Scott Pruitt, Former E.P.A. Chief, Is in Talks for His Next Job: Coal
Lisa Friedman & Hiroko Tabuchi & Eric Lipton, New York Times

Greenpeace study throws light on Europe's `hidden energy subsidies'
Frédéric Simon, EurActiv

Warming oceans are changing the world's rainfall
John Abraham, The Guardian

Major media outlets dropped the ball last year on connecting climate
change to hurricanes. Will they do better this year?
Lisa Hymas, Media Matters for America

Curbing emissions isn't enough-we need emergency solutions for climate change
Elizabeth Woyke, MIT Technology Review

Environmental group ClientEarth files second complaint to block Nord Stream 2

Fair journalism doesn't require reporting discredited 'data'
Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald

Could the private sector help unpick the climate finance deadlock?
Robert Spencer, BusinessGreen

NWS Raleigh @NWSRaleigh 13 Sep 2018 09:31Z
530 am... the eye of Hurricane #Florence is coming into view of the @NWS
Doppler radar network. The center of the storm is located about 380 miles
southeast of Raleigh, NC. pic.twitter.com/cL42iAdiL3
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Hurricane Florence sparks FOUR-YEAR oil price high as storm ...
Express.co.uk, 13 Sep 2018 09:23Z
Oil prices broke the $80 a barrel barrier yesterday as the storm, along with
Donald Trump's sanctions on Iran, bumped prices. It is the first-time prices
soared as ...

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