paris to "send a signal on climate" today
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2018-07-06 12:05:33 UTC
Macron gathers world's top sovereign funds to send climate signal

Reuters reports that sovereign wealth funds managing more than $2tn
are to lay out a strategy today in Paris to pressure companies to be
more climate-friendly, according to French officials. President
Emmanuel Macron is championing the initiative, says Reuters, which
will "bring together the heads of 6 sovereign funds to thrash out a
pro-environment investment framework". The guidelines, which funds
will ask the companies they invest in to meet, are expected to
influence other big asset managers, say Macron's advisers. -- Reuters

This American Cargo Ship Is Racing to China to Beat a Huge New ...
TIME, 05 Jul 2018 15:55Z
A ship carrying US soybeans is steaming toward northern China in a race to
beat a 25% tariff. Peak Pegasus is expected to arrive in ...

Trade war is on! Donald Trump fires $34 bn tariff gun at China
Economic Times, 06 Jul 2018 05:50Z
[The US has signalled maybe 1/2 tr in trade could be targeted].

China stocks shrug off US tariffs as they stage V-shaped recovery from ...
South China Morning Post, 06 Jul 2018 05:56Z
China's stocks rebounded from a 28-month low on Fri, led by gains in
companies reliant on domestic consumers, even as US tariffs on US$34 bn
worth of ...

China hits back after US imposes tariffs worth $34bn
BBC News, 06 Jul 2018 06:52Z

US and China begin 'biggest trade war' in history with $34bn ...
The Guardian, 06 Jul 2018 10:55Z

TYO: 7211 - 6 Jul., 3:00 pm GMT+9
866 JPY +32 (3.84%) *** up 3.8% ***

Sony Corp
TYO: 6758 - 6 Jul., 3:00 pm GMT+9
5,450 JPY +106 (1.98%) *** up 2% ***

Airbus SE
EPA: AIR - 6 Jul., 11:45 am GMT+2
98.64 EUR +0.90 (0.92%) up

Siemens AG
ETR: SIE - 6 Jul., 11:30 am GMT+2
115.18 EUR +0.48 (0.42%) up

Panasonic Corporation
TYO: 6752 - 6 Jul., 3:00 pm GMT+9
1,410 JPY +4 (0.25%) up

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
ETR: BMW - 6 Jul., 1:44 pm GMT+2
80.42 EUR -0.24 (0.30%) down

Air France KLM SA
EPA: AF - 6 Jul., 11:45 am GMT+2
6.88 EUR -0.036 (0.52%) down

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class A
ETR: R6C - 6 Jul., 1:44 pm GMT+2
29.28 EUR -0.35 (1.18%) *** down 1.2% ***

Gazprom PAO
MCX: GAZP - 6 Jul., 2:58 pm GMT+3
143.69 RUB -1.86 (1.28%) *** down 1.3% ***

NK Rosneft' PAO
MCX: ROSN - 6 Jul., 3:03 pm GMT+3
399.30 RUB -6.75 (1.66%) *** down 1.7% ***

Evolving Relative Importance of the Southern Ocean and North Atlantic
in Anthropogenic Ocean Heat Uptake
Ocean uptake of human-driven warming over the past 15 years has mostly
occurred in the Southern Ocean, based on Argo float observations. This
agrees with CMIP5 models, where the Southern Ocean accounts for 72% of
global heat uptake, while the contribution from the North Atlantic is
only 6%. Aerosols preferentially cool the Northern Hemisphere, and the
effect on surface heat flux over the North Atlantic opposes the
greenhouse gas effect in nearly equal magnitude. Aerosols are
projected to decline in the near future, reinforcing the greenhouse
effect on the North Atlantic heat uptake. As a result, the Southern
Ocean will be joined by increased relative contribution from the North
Atlantic due to substantial AMOC slowdown in the 21st century. In the
RCP8.5 scenario, the percentage contribution to global uptake is
projected to decrease to 48% in the Southern Ocean and increase to 26%
in the northern North Atlantic. -- Journal of Climate

Syrian seeds could save US wheat from climate menace
Mark Schapiro, The Guardian

Norway invites bids for storing CO2 on its continental shelf

Trump coal plan could lead to 1 pollution-related death
for every 2 jobs: study
Miranda Green, The Hill

The limits of America's energy independence
Editorial, Financial Times

French call for nuclear safety improvements
David Keohane, Financial Times

Scientists Slam Science Museum over Oil Company Sponsorship
Mike Small, DeSmogUK

Call to turn oil rigs into nature reserves
Roger Harrabin, BBC News

Ireland to lead the way on giving up investments in fossil fuel
Ellen Coyne, The Times

Climate change is already reshaping America
Amy Brady, Yale Climate Connections

Deniers Fail to Blunt Hansen's Accurate Climate Forecast
Peter Sinclair, Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Global temperature rises could be double those predicted by climate modelling
Lisa Cox, The Guardian

EDF customers suffer year's second price rise
Emily Gosden, The Times

Fossil Fuels Account for Lowest Share of US Energy Consumption in More
than a Century
Yale Environment 360

Coles drops imported honey from shelves
ABC News, 06 Jun 2018
Coles will no longer sell controversial Allowrie branded honey, which
contains mostly imported product.

Christian fundamentalists charged after Brisbane mosque incidents
ABC News, 06 Jun 2018
Three men face charges of public nuisance, entering a premises with intent
and trespass after heated scenes at the Kuraby and Darra mosques in Brisbane
this week.

Banking royal commission: Lenders accused of misconduct over treatment
of farmers
* ANZ 'empathy' too late for farmers already forced off the land by the bank
* Has Bob Katter helped extend the banking royal commission?
ABC News, 06 Jul 2018 07:39Z
Australia's main rural lenders face numerous findings of misconduct over
their treatment of struggling farmers.
* The counsel assisting the royal commission delivered a damning assessment
of banks in their treatment of farmers
* She invited the commissioner to find misconduct among the banks
* The commissioner cautioned banks not to argue "things have changed"
In a damning assessment of the sector, counsel assisting the banking royal
commission Rowena Orr, QC, pointed to numerous failings of banks to act
fairly, reasonably and ethically.
The banks under the microscope include ANZ, CBA, NAB, Bendigo Bank's Rural
Bank and Rabobank.
The assessment come after 2 weeks of hearings in Brisbane and Darwin
involving case studies of agri-business lending to 13 farming families from
Tasmania to the Top End.
[One case comes to mind as fairly typical of the mix of avarice and
incompetence involved. A farming family was sold up by the bank after
failing to pay off a $multi-mn loan. The family requested the bank
exclude their home from the sale because they otherwise had nowhere to
live. Documents submitted with the request argued the sale of the
residence would lower the sale price of the property which was
otherwise mostly farming land. The bank refused and went ahead with
the sale. The property failed to sell. The agents handling the sale
said the inclusion of the home was the major reason].
2018-07-06 18:53:06 UTC
.""However, over the fifteen years to 2016 the HadCRUT4v5 and Cowtan & Way GMST trends, of 0.138°C /century and 0.160°C /century respectively, are equally close to the 0.149°C /century ERAinterim trend; the GISTEMP and NOAAv4.0.1 trends are both above 0.17°C /century..."""