Culling the earth for the 1%
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JTEM is right
2018-12-05 21:15:48 UTC
None of the so-called "Answers" to the imaginary
global warming is capable of doing what they
claim to want to do. At the very best all it could
ever manage would be to postpone the inevitable,
if we pretend there was ever any truth behind the
headlines in the first place. The so called
"Solutions" would have us burn less fossil fuels,
dragging things out some but still winding up in
the exact same spot.

Look. We all know that the real "Problem" they're
screaming about is over population. There's too
many of us, and they want to cull the population.

Over fishing? Too many people eating seafood!

Deforestation? Too many people needing wood,
land to live on, land to farm, roads to travel
on... etc, etc, etc!

And, of course, there's too many people who need
energy to cook food, heat water for washing,
stay warm in the winter, use transportation...

Of course the "Final Solution" for the hysterical
global warming crowd is and always has been
genocide. If they only murder enough people then
their precious CO2 would go unreleased...


That's how many TONS of CO2 humans exhale every

Population of the world: 7,530,000,000

Humans exhale: 2.3 pounds of CO2 per day

Total human CO2: 17319000000 pounds per day

Divide by 2k: 8,659,500 tons of CO2 every day

Cars? Air conditioning? Vacation flights?
Chemical fertilizers to feed their beef? It'll
all go away when you murder them!

When you murder people, which ultimately you
have to, you have no choice as your "Solutions"
can't ever work, you're not just eliminating the
2.3 pounds they create each day, from selfishly
breathing the 1%'s air, but you stop them from
driving, eating, cooking & all those other nasty
things only the elite should be allowed to do!

So, like, are you people going to own your murder?
Are you going to murder your victims directly,
take credit for your deeds? After all, you do
pretend you're doing all this for the most noble
of reasons. Right? So why wouldn't you own your
own choices? Why wouldn't you take responsibility
for your genocide?

If you're craven little cowards without an ounce
of respect for yourself & each other you can
always go about it a different way. Like, why not
instigate a nuclear war? Or spark a super
volcanic eruption? Or even "Gravity Tractor" a
killer asteroid into the earth!

You can do it. You have the "Courage" to make
everyone else suffer for your feelings oops I
meant noble decision making.

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Bret Cahill
2018-12-06 03:12:23 UTC
Post by JTEM is right
Humans exhale: 2.3 pounds of CO2 per day
less than a half ton/year.

Sustainability is possible w/ ober 4X more CO2/person-yr.

2 tons/yr of fossil carbon is A-OK.

. . .
Post by JTEM is right
Cars? Air conditioning? Vacation flights?
Chemical fertilizers to feed their beef?
Some tri tip is on the grill rite now . . .
Post by JTEM is right
all go away when you murder them!
Unless you are a tRUMP bigot, there is no need to murder anyone.

Just tax carbon.
JTEM is right
2018-12-06 08:49:36 UTC
Post by Bret Cahill
Post by JTEM is right
Humans exhale: 2.3 pounds of CO2 per day
less than a half ton/year.
There are over 7.5 billion humans, and they
keep making more!

And in addition to breaking they need food, which
in turn requires a lot of energy to produce,
transport, refrigerate & cook. And those people
need heat in the winter, air conditioning in the
summer. The require energy for transportation and
then even for communications.

...also they tend to wear clothing and live in

In the end you want genocide. It is the only thing
that actually can result in significant fossil
fuel use. It's also the single most cost effective
means as well.

Nothing proposed by the hysterical "Global Warming"
crowd can solve the problem that they imagine. Nothing.

...nothing except genocide.

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2018-12-06 09:30:58 UTC
"""Just tax carbon. """

Tell that to the French. Rebelion was able to get the tax suspended.

I guess the French need subsidy from the UN for more police to quell the dissent. So those so concerned about global warming can get on with saving the world in their crusade to retake a beleaguered clmate from the heathen.